Dressing for the daily 9 to 5 grind: Adapting the suit

I realized the other day, that all of my posts were geared towards fashion in my 'off' work time.  My preferable fashion when I have utter freedom to wear whatever my heart desires. As lovely as that is, unfortunately there is an aspect of reality to my life, especially in relation to the daily grind between 9am to 5pm (the minimal work hours) in an office/professional environment.  I thought it was time to dedicate a post to these hours since they make up such a large portion of the week.

I'm fortunate to have a certain amount of freedom when dressing for work.  Although it must still fit within the criteria of work attire, there is flexibility which allows for some creatively and adaptation.

This Herringbone tuxedo shirt with front pleat bib is a personal favourite.  I like relaxing the french cuff look and rolling up the sleeves which converts the look to one of a little more casual nature. Pairing with some tailored shorts and killer five inch patent heels, and adding a limited, yet noticeable amount of arm candy in the way of a Hermes leather bracelet and my personalized silver hammered Bouvier bangle, gives the outfit a classic, yet a little less boring end result.  The outfit is definitely a simplistic one and nothing that would garnish too much attention (so it fits within the realms of allowable work dress).  But the look allows for a little personality to shine through and although it is still a black and white basic ensemble, it's just a tad unconventional which is what I love the most about it. 

©  Find Me A Muse

What I'm wearing:
Herringbone white tuxedo shirt with french cuffs & bib front
Uniglo black tailored dress shorts
Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' patent pumps
Hermes 'Kelly Double Tour' black leather bracelet with silver hardware
Bouvier 'Ariel Pod' personalized silver hammered bangle


  1. Beautiful outfit! Hmmmm...but unfortunately we have here today -29 degrees Celcius, so it would be a little bit cold in such an outfit ;)

    1. -29 degrees Celcius is insane! It's a really nice mid temperature here of around 20-25 degrees :)

  2. 20-25 degrees???? Really??? Wow! We're freezing here!! By the way, I really love your style!!

  3. you look great! i love tuxedo shirt and of course your pumps :)

  4. Love this outfit. It's corporatey with a twist but still looks elegant particularly with those killer Loubies. What I'd give to wear those shorts now. It's -5 C and I look like a walking ice cube.

  5. Anonymous2.2.12

    I love the adaption! I work in an office to and struggle with getting bored of wearing tailored suits. This is a perfect look. You have inspired me to think a little bit broader with my dress. I love your blog. Lucy

  6. this is such a stunning outfit, mandi. so sexy yet not provocative, maybe its due to the killer shoes but just maybe its due to your figure, which is lovely. i would never pull of such an outfit so effortesely. and of course u know how much i love your cuff. timeless.
    i am always inspired by your blog!

  7. love the look!
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