Sensory overload: Lanvin jewellery @ Christine boutique

Do you ever have one of those days when everything just falls into place?  For some reason, you venture to a store that you haven't been to for a while and they have the one item you've been lusting after, searching the globe for, for what feels like an eternity.  This best describes one of my recent days.  My visit (and uncontrollable excitement), leads me to share with you one of my favourite boutiques.

I thought I would get out of the office and do a little detour down to a boutique in Melbourne called 'Christine'. I don't believe anything can prepare a woman for the sensory overload that awaits inside this boutique which is brimming with the most exclusive international finds.  Somewhat of a fashion treasure trove in a way. 

You could be forgiven for missing the store's entrance and walking on by, oblivious to it's very existence if you didn't know where to find it. Christine is in no way ostentatious in appearance. A simple red door marks it's entry in Flinders Lane. The only signage is a small red box to the left of the door in a glass encasing with just a handful of items.  I walked past it many times when I first started looking for the boutique some years back.  A girlfriend finally saved me from myself and escorted me personally to the front door (I hang my head in shame).  Everything they say about woman having no directional skills certainly applies to me.

Down the stairs there is a long tartan carpeted hall way with decorated drapes. Once inside, you are met with a decor reminiscent of a secret boudoir.  It's interesting in so many ways and a refreshing change to the normally stark, clean and minimalist boutiques that showcase high-end items. It's definitely a boutique with character.  Christine is one of  those boutiques that I believe any of the world's most discerning stylists could walk into and be suitably impressed.

I have to acknowledge (in addition to noting the credibility of the designers/items carried, and of equal importance), the quality of service and the integrity and disposition of the staff in Christine.  Normally high-end stores are rather 'stuffy' and only a certain type of clientele are served.  This is definitely not the case with Christine. I've entered the store on several occasions not dressed in my finest and have always been greeted with a friendly smile, a polite and genuine conversation, and offered assistance. Service of that calibre always makes visiting the boutique that much nicer.

Now to the actual items... One of the most appealing things about Christine is that the owner chooses such a wide range of pieces, including the safe and high demand pieces, to the editorial fitting, runway and exclusive, limited edition pieces you are flat out finding anywhere.  The owner/buyer definitely covers all the bases and covers them well.  At times it looks like a collection is purchased close to it's entirety leaving customers with such a broad choice, it's overwhelming (ultimately a great and rare position for the customer to be in).  

So after much oohing over various exquisite selections that would rival any boutique found in New York, Paris or London, I made a beeline for the Lanvin jewellery and the Celine bags (both my weaknesses).  For this post, I'll solely cover a handful of images taken of the Lanvin jewellery resembling the prominent pieces that would look right at home on Blake Lively or at any red carpet event.

©  Find Me A Muse

Later in the week stay tuned for the feature on Christine's selection of Celine bags.  The reason for the delay in the Celine bags post is that Christine had literally just received their latest and super large shipment, so naturally they need the opportunity to do the store's own updates online and with customers first. 

I must say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Christine who were utterly gracious in allowing me to take photo's to share with you. Especially considering the fact they were all so busy unpacking the Celine and serving the customers who were eagerly there right on cue ready to snap them up.

Just for reference, here are the boutique's details (especially for all of the Australian and Melbourne based women):

181 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia
Telephone (03) 9654 2011

Sneak peak: Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2012-13 collection

I found these images which were posted by Kris from My Naked Style.  Such a sweetie to post some sneak peaks of the up-coming Isabel Marant 2012-13 Fall Winter collection. Mwah!

I thought the shoes would be of particular interest to you all since there are so many ladies out there still chasing the Willows.  It looks like you can put your mind at ease because these fabulous sneakers will form part of the Winter collection and will be available in such a variety of colours there will literally be something for everyone's taste or personal style.   

A word of advice for any of you that missed out this season though, you seriously need to have your finger on the pulse, be all cashed up and ready to purchase as soon as they are released next season.  Unfortunately with the sneakers, if you don't see them the day they go online, the chance is by day two, they will all be gone.  I think we have all witnessed the buying frenzy and re-sale prices that these beauties go for. Best to get them from a boutique when they are released to guarantee you get them at the best possible price and to be assured of authenticity. 

As soon as I hear any info about pre-orders or the online release of the sneakers, I'll certainly do a blog post to point you in the right direction.  Keep in mind, that won't be for some time (probably around July as an estimate) as we are still eagerly awaiting most the Spring/Summer collection. But for now, enjoy narrowing down your selection for your future 'to buy' list. Good luck!

Photo credit: My Naked Style

Sonia's exquisite new Isabel Marant Sailor boots

Hello.... lovely boots!  When Sonia mentioned the other day that she had been into the Paris Isabel Marant store, tried on some of the new shoes and had actually bought a pair of boots, I couldn't help but politely request some photo's.  Sonia has graciously obliged and sent me some photo's of her fabulous new Isabel Marant 'Sailor' boots (in khaki) to share with you all.  Thanks to Sonia, we now know the actual style name as well as can let go of the reference 'the new printed Dana boots'.

Regarding the comfort of the boots, Sonia mentioned that they still retain the same feel and the print in real life (in her opinion) is reminiscent more of a kind of lace than python. 

I know quite a few ladies that were waiting on these beauties so I hope you love Sonia's photo's. A huge thank you to Sonia for taking the time to photograph her fabulous new boots.  They are utterly gorgeous!  I'm sure there will be a lot of envious ladies out there (me included).

Just a small request... please do not copy or use the above photo's, especially on eBay.  Sonia sent them through solely to put on this blog post so it would be appreciated to respect her kindness with sharing them in the first place. Thanks so much for your understanding xx

Currently obsessed with: Gucci studded bag (on sale too)

I'm an avid fan of studding on belts and the occasional bag, particularly clutches. I tend to go a little more out there and adventurous with my clutches and particularly love those with a rocker edge or influence.  I just found this little beauty at Raffaello Ties and I'm already having obsessive thoughts of it appearing in my wardrobe.  Its got such a huge personality for such a little bag!

The black base leather gives it a classic feel without detracting from the studding, the distinctive closure and removable chain strap.  I'm particularly partial to the weaved leather detailing and the way it subtly compliments the rest of the design. This bag somewhat reminds me of a Gucci clutch I had approximately ten years back that I used extensively. It happened to be my first high-end bag so I'm sure I will always have fond memories of it.  Maybe that is one of the underlying reasons for my crush, although I do think this bag holds its own in the style stakes.

Now being Friday, I immediately think this could be the perfect Friday night drinks, dinner, date or just general gal on the town kind of bag in the right set of hands. Ah... yeah... mine!  The fact that this bag/clutch is on sale (an extremely decent one at that) should be a justification in itself for a purchase.  Hm... What to do? Clutches are making a massive resurgence in popularity in the fashion world as well.  Yet another justification. Three, and I think a purchase will be imminent. Let me ponder some more...  I'm sure some reason that is vaguely legitimate will spring to mind. 

Gucci leather clutch with gold stud detail available HERE

Neutral delicate things: The appeal of French lingerie

Amazingly, I haven't yet done a post of lingerie.  Now I realize that lingerie sits firmly within the 'personal' items sphere when it comes to fashion.  It is more often than not thought of in a more provocative and sensual context rather than in the context of how it can make a woman feel.  In my opinion, there is nothing nicer than the feel of delicate silk and soft lace against the skin, and wearing a hidden item, if for no other purpose than it makes you feel more womanly, more feminine.  

So in keeping with the internalized and sensory emotion for a woman, I thought I would choose some of my favourite current French lingerie sets in neutral colours.  My reasoning for the neutrals was to keep it in line with something that was more personalised for a woman and innocent, but also because I actually find it more of a challenge to find neutrals rather than the readily available black numbers. There will always be gorgeous black lingerie. 

I've chosen each of these sets due to the quality and design of each, but also to provide a diverse range of items that would fit suitably underneath a range of outfits due to each of the items styling.  These are hands down my favourite five sets. Now they are definitely more of a high-end purchase so probably not for everyone, or at least not a regular purchase. But for that something special or a time for when you feel like spoiling yourself, simply nothing compares!

Set 1 (left)
Rosamosario - Buongiorno Dolcezza silk-georgette and Chantilly lace bodysuit
Available here: Rosamosario bodysuit

Set 2 (right)
La Perla - Maison lace-trimmed silk-satin chemise
Available here: La Perla chemise

Set 3
La Perla - Lace-effect leather and mesh triangle bra
Available here: La Perla triangle bra
La Perla - Leather-trimmed lace and mesh briefs
Available here: La Perla briefs
La Perla - Lace-trimmed perforated leather waist corset
Available here: La Perla corset

Set 4
La Perla - Vintage lace and stretch-mesh bra
Available here: La Perla vintage bra
La Perla - Vintage lace and stretch-mesh thong
Available here: La Perla thong

Set 5
La Perla - Blow Up underwired lace bra
Available here: Lace bra
La Perla - Blow Up lace and tulle thong
Available here: Lace thong

Isabel Marant Spring 2012 shoes: Yet to be released

I'm a bit of an internet surfer when it comes to finding fashion. What frustrates me at times is having to search so far and wide and having to open literally five to ten sites to find one designer's complete (or close to), collection. So I thought I would compile a post for all of the eager Isabel Marant fans out there like me, complete with the shoes I have found that are yet to be released from the current Spring Summer 2012 collection, to save you some searching time.  Now some of these little beauties will come in a variety of colours but I thought I would just snapshot the styles for you.  From memory I think this collections drop is due for delivery up until the end of April. 

If I had to choose only one pair (no limit should ever be imposed on Isabel Marant shoes), my personal favourites would have to be the black 'Rio' sandals (top image).  These gorgeous runway sandals come in both nude and black and I'm sure they will be hot property for any devoted fan.   Enjoy...



Photo credit (above two photos):

Waisted bling: Isabel Marant Palladium Disc belt

I'm so sorry ladies. I've been such a bad blogger of late with the in-frequency of posts. My apologies.  Life has just gotten in the way of it all. How inconvenient!

I've been rather fascinated recently with accessories. Keeping an outfit really basic and then picking just a select few pieces that will be the focal points and make a maximum impact.  Which brings me to this belt. The Isabel Marant palladium disc belt from the 2010 collection.  

Now accessories are something I'm not normally attuned to and I tend to struggle to find pieces that I absolutely love.  It takes a lot for me to actually buy an accessory.  However, this belt is one of the select few items that just captivated me for many reasons but none more so than its sheer uniqueness.  The disc section is made of brass which has a vintage and aged lustre.  The aged effect is rather nice in the sense that it gives the belt a bit of bling but without it being too too shiny and therefore, trashy or cheap looking. 

©  Find Me A Muse

I find belts are one of the easiest ways to transform and outfit, keeping it simply, but adding a bit of personality. They are perfect for the days when you don't want an outfit that is over the top, but still would like a little bit of expression.  Since I've been a tad bit of a belt frenzy, I've noticed some absolute gems in some online boutiques but there is one that's firmly placed at the top of my wish list. It's the Balmain black embossed belt with the gold hardware.  You like? 

Photo credit (belt available at):

Favourites: Isabel Marant Miro biker jeans

I thought I would do a bit of a feature on a pair of my favourite jeans.  The Isabel Marant 'Miro' biker jeans.  These are some of my most loved jeans which work equally well in summer or winter (well the warmish winter days), especially when mixed with a contrasting black/white look.  Sheer simplicity in the styling stakes is all that is needed.   

Now being white and of a more fitted style, these jeans can be particularly unforgiving.  Add a couple pounds here or there and these literally go from being statement jeans with an absolute hotness factor, to an item that you really shouldn't subject the general viewing public to (if you know what I mean).  I have to say, I'm feeling a little bit in the later form recently after coming back from two months in the UK and knocking back tea and cake at least every second day! When in Rome and all...  But in all seriousness, these jeans fit me differently every time I put them on.  A woman's weight rarely has much consistency (sigh).

These jeans just have the most killer details.  From the ribbed section that runs down the side to the zippered ankle section.  The motor cross sewn knee pad section to the lace up front. These are in no way short of design. I would even goes as far as to say that these are the perfect pair of jeans.  Isabel Marant never disappoints me with a fit that feels like it's tailored made just for me. How often can you say that about an off the rack garment? 


The dream boot in stock now: Chloé Susanna boot (Susan)

I have seriously lusted after the Chloé 'Susanna' boot (sometimes referred to as the 'Susan') for many a season.  I've ogled it on eBay many a time, since yet again, I was late on the uptake of the release and blink... these beauties were gone.  Unbelievably the eBay prices far outstripped the actual retail, not by a mere or ever so slight increase, but for within the realms of the selling (or at least, the listing prices) of $3,000-$5,000!  

As luck would have it, Chloé has re-released this wondrous boot this season.  With its famous soft leather, gold studding, adjustable front belt straps and the perfectly stacked wooden heel, the 'Susanna' boot has achieved an iconic status. Originally launched in Autumn of 2008, this may be your second and last chance to own them (except for the eBay astronomical prices). Word has it, that there are no plans for a third production of the boots. 

The 'Susanna' boot has just hit Netaporter and Barneys and will undoubtedly be an item that commands an instant purchase.  If you choose to think about it and tomorrow they are long gone, don't say you weren't warned!

For those of you that need a little styling inspiration, below are some amazing editorial photo's featuring the boots, to set you on your way.  Such impeccable street wear styling!  Enjoy ladies... And for those of you that are looking to acquire your pair of 'Susanna's' this season, make sure you're fast on that 'buy' button. xx

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