What's old is new again: Isabel Marant Chili boots

Some time back, I was in search of a little ankle style boot that I could put on rotation with my Isabel Marant Dicker boots (taupe).  Ideally I was after something black to diversify my wardrobe a little, rather than getting another pair in a similar colour.  I've done this regularly and when it goes to dressing I would peer inside my shoe cupboard and think, so... should I wear the taupe or the taupe boots?  Hm... they're both so different!  A very Devil Wears Prada movie plot moment. Tell me others have similar buying patterns to?

So in an attempt to get out of my rut of loving a shoe so much, I simply buy it in another colour (I'm still guilty of this practice occasionally), or buying an ever so slightly different shoe, but in the same shade, I occasionally turn to Coolspotters, Google or other blogs to check out images for inspiration. That's when I came across these little numbers. The Isabel Marant Chili boot.  From memory it retailed a couple of years back now (I think 2010).  To be honest, Miranda Kerr (those legs!) and the relaxed chic of many other celebrities who donned these boots, really sold them to me as the perfect little go anywhere boot.

Photo credit (above two images):  http://www.coolspotters.com/

The one thing I like about finding items from years back (in new or perfect condition), is that most people will have had their day with lovin' the item and are often keen to off-load them for a realistic or even under-valued price. After years, their lust and desire to own or wear an item has generally worn off, even more so if the item went unworn in the first instance.  So picking up some of these items means that they are seen less often which to me makes the item feel that little bit more exclusive.  Although I do love seasonal trends and new releases, I'm not opposed to acquiring and wearing older items of great design. 

Needless to say, I have a weakness for Isabel Marant items, but only cottoned on to her greatness within the past year or so, which meant missing the release of these boots.  So when the opportunity presented itself, it was a no brainer decision to snap them up and I literally got them for a steal! What do you know, I even succeeded with getting them in black!

Regarding the above photo and in my defence, my legs normally aren't actually THAT white.  Whoa no!  I was attempting a little bit of creativity with the photo.  I disturbingly felt a sudden need to explain myself with that one.

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As you may have already gathered from my previous posts, I'm particularly partial to the 2010 collection of Isabel Marant's shoes.  The cone, wooden stacked heels were featured heavily in that year's collections.  They are a great height and stable so you can walk on them for hours and hours.  Let's face it, comfort does get factored in. 

These Chili boots work well with shorter length skirts, shorts, dresses and my favourite items of the moment, skinny or pencil leg jeans (I'm going through a real jeans phase).  I love these boots with my J Brand black pencil leg jeans, my old worn brown leather belt and a basic tee.  Such simplistic styling yet it makes an easy and versatile outfit that transcends most of my activities.  Perfect for any daily outing, a festival or traveling (in style of course).  The look even works at night for those who like to bar hop, have a few drinks or dine in an edgy restaurant.

I thought it was an appropriate time to do a post on these since I've seen a few pairs circulating for sale on eBay recently (US, UK and FR) and mostly for low prices!  Just in case they take your fancy.


  1. this is nice booties... i've been searching some marant shoes in e-bay but i'm skeptical. maybe you could advice me???
    thanks. have a nice day dear. xoxo, Haus of Gala

    1. Hi prettymeggy. I'd be more than happy to help. Let me know what you're looking or what type of shoe you're after and I'll check them out. I've got a fair few of IM's shoes now so happy to give you sizing advice to :) Just drop me an email to findmeamuse@gmail.com xx

  2. I like how Kate Hudson is wearing the oversize white tshirt with Isabel Marant booties. It's effortless.


  3. those boots are adorable! I WANT! =)


  4. hahaha....taupe or taupe??! I couldn't stop laughing. You're on a roll, Mandi. Let me count the number of shoes you've picked up in 6 short months..... I'm so envious. IM, make them smaller!! You wear them so well. I can't wait to see more action shots from you. Love the way you put outfits together.

    1. Hi M, I'm still struggling with the old self portrait shots! I have many taupe/taupe moments! He he... Getting better though xx

  5. Anonymous25.1.12

    Hi, what is your opinion about the boots in comparison to the dickers? do you find these boots to look a bit bigger, wider? than the dicker?
    are they similar in size in comparison to the last 2 seasons Dicker boots? When i asked a seller about the insole they seemed to be a lot bigger than the dicker, so do I need to size down in these?
    thanks for you advice and inspiration,

    1. Hi Karin,

      I found that I took exactly the same size in both the Chili boots as both the past season Dickers (I am size US 6 and I took size in both the Dicker and the Chili).

      The Chili boots probably look a little bit longer just to look at as they have more of a pointed styled toe where as the the Dicker have an almond shaped. I would stick to your same size as the Dickers. That worked for me.

      I really love the Chili boots for a bit more of an edgy style. They are just as versatile as the Dickers in my opinion to and comfy.

      Glad I've given you some inspiration xx

  6. i think IM has the best design back in 2010....i love most pieces from that year's collection. it's a good think i didn't know then...or else i would have broken my bank....>_<

  7. These are great boots! Congrats on finding your perfect boots in a different colour - although taupe is great !:)

  8. Love this boots!! Following now dear. I hope you can visit and follow mine too.
    Kisses from Perú

    1. Peru! How gorgeous. I've just stopped by your blog. Very cute outfits and perfect for your lovely part of the world.

  9. those boots are adorable!