New In: Isabel Marant Zappy belt

I was obsessed with Isabel Marant's palladium silver disc belt from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  In one of my moments of reining in my spending, I decided that I shouldn't pay full price for the belt and would wait for the sales to hit. Unfortunately my timing was a little off and I only stumbled onto various sales after they had commenced. By that time, the belt was sold out in my size, snapped up by all the discerning fans. Tut.. tut... I just never seem to learn.

So in an effort to make amends for passing on the original opportunity to buy last year's belt, I decided to chase after (meaning frantically stalk) this seasons Isabel Marant 'Zappy' silver plated belt.  But you guessed it, I just looked at it online and lusted after it for the full season.  What can I say, old habits die hard, that is until now.   Today it is mine.  The package was waiting for me when I returned home containing this gorgeous belt from, an online store that I have fallen in love with and peruse/shop from way too often due to my crush specifically on Isabel Marant items.  I have to say, Isabel Marant's 'Zappy' belt it is utterly fabulous and if possible, even better in person.  So here are some photo's of my beloved belt.  May it be worn many times.


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  1. because of your posts I started to love Isabel Marant!!! i actually started to check her stuff online and i just fell in love with her pants!!!
    have a nice day and happy monday!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  2. Thanks ladies I hope you're enjoying this fine Monday as well.

    It's quite funny, a few ladies have emailed me saying that by sharing my Isabel Marant obsession, it's actually rubbed off on them. Whoops! I apologize for affecting your bank balances :) It's well worth it though.

    Prettymeggy... me too! I'm addicted to her pants the most.


  3. Aaaaah, belt heaven!

  4. just turned green with envy. what a belt

  5. Fab belt...and I bet it looks great on...modelling pics please lol

  6. Because of you, I started thinking hey, those Betty, Willow, Bekkets are cool. I would've made a serious dent in my bank account had I been able to fit into them.

    Seriously edgy and rocker chic piece. Can't wait to see your pairings.

  7. I am LOVING your posts! Definitely inspiring. I've followedy our blog and it would be a pleasure if you could follow mine as well <3


  8. Hi Marlene - I think you're lucky your feet are a tiny bit too small to fit IM's shoes (in a way). I spend a fortune on them! Think of all the money you're saving :)

    Hi Joannie - Thanks for stopping by and the feedback. It's greatly appreciated. I just checked your blog. Super cute outfit pic's!

    Modelling pic's are on the way. I'm working with my camera self-timer since my bf (my photographer) is away for a bit :(

    xx Mandi

  9. What a fantastic belt! I'd love to see how you wear it.

  10. Love this belt and can't find it anywhere :(
    If you maybe wanna sell it let me know :)

    1. Hey Vanja, I'll definitely let you know :) Isabel Marant does have some new belts out this season with some metal detailing. Check out Netaporter