Isabel Marant Woody Sandals, size 36: Send them my way!

So my lovely ladies... I've had two shoe obsessions that have gotten the better of me over the past few years. The Isabel Marant Dana boots and the Isabel Marant Woody Sandals. Both from past seasons (around the 2010 era), loved by many models, bloggers and fashionistas and as a result, virtually impossible to find.  

After posting in December, requesting help finding the Dana boots, I actually got a pair.  A direct result of the post and I'm eternally grateful.  So here is the second and last purchase I've been searching the globe for. If you are willing to part with a pair of your own of have seen some in size 36 for sale, please contact me (please please please.........)!  I've already tried shamelessly to convince the few women I know who own them in my size to sell them to me, but to no avail.  So now I'm taking my search viral.

I suppose the fact that someone would search so hard for an item some one and half years after it's release is a true credit to the design but maybe not the obsessive searcher?  What can I say, when I have my heart set on an item, there's just no substitute.   Any help you could give to finally put my quest to bed would be greatly appreciated. xx


Photo credit:  By the Purse Forum member 'tae', uploaded on 21 May 2011, 2:03am
(Thanks tae for all of your help to date and permission to use your photo) xx

Photo credit (above two photo's were listed on ebay auction 320826589525 (but would have origianlly been from another source)


  1. Anonymous19.1.12

    best of luck finding them!!! i hope they're as amazing as you want them to be! i really want the dana boots in had the manly boots in my size for 30 seconds yesterday and i held off cos i really hope they bring the dana boots back!

  2. Thanks. I'm not liking my chances but have to try.

    Drop me an email because I may know a place that has the Manly or Mony boots on sale in black. I'll send it to you :)

    I know the Dana boots are getting re-done but in a varied designed and with a canvas kind of fabric with snake print.

  3. i hope you'll find them!!
    how do you like those strapy sandals for the spring?? i like them but they look they induce bunions....

  4. The Rio sandals from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection (the runway shoes)? I love them! I have a true weekness for killer heels though :)

  5. The are great heels! Wish you lots of luck and hope you find them soon! :) Sorry I don't have any leads for you!

  6. By all means i am very sorry for not being able to give you an answer as where you can find the pair of shoes you heart wants.
    nevertheless let me tell you that i am fan of your blog and a follower too, i enjoy reading your posts and your style of blogging attracts me to come back for the next post.
    i especially like all the close up pictures of your clothes/shoes/accessories you usually show us, its a unique way/twist.
    i wonder if you could check out my blog
    and in case you like it and enjoy reading it, follow me back via GFC.
    don't take this as spam though. its not a follow me and i'll follow you back message.

    1. Hi Marianne, Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to drop me the lovely comments on the posts. I really appreciate it. I've just checked out your blog. So many inspirational editorials! Just gorgeous and you have so many members for 1.5 months blogging! Unbelievable. I see why though. Great blog xx Mandi

  7. They're absolutely spectacular! I hope you find them. Good luck!!

  8. vow.. i also want one of them.
    i have a giveaway on my blog. would love it if you can take a look. comment which item you like and win.

  9. Gorgeous shoes! <3

    Thanks for being so supportive and sweet to me! I also really love your blog and I'm glad I found it :)


  10. Hi Plami, Ditto... I love stopping by your blog it always inspires me. xxx

  11. Cute blog and love your IM shoes!! I'm now a follower.

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