In my beauty case: Make-up basics for a natural look

Here is a quick look inside my beauty case. These are my basic and most used products.  I'm a huge believer in flawless and natural make-up for every day wear (at least on me), preferring to wear minimal looking make-up to create the illusion that I was just born with lovely skin. There's nothing like a bit of deception! 

I always use sunscreen and a moisturizer underneath as I've learnt the importance of both of these products as time has gone on.  Age waits for no woman unfortunately.  I'm particularly partial to the tint by Estee Lauder (not pictured) with built in SPF protection.  It feels weightless and spreads on soft and clear but then changes to perfectly match your skin tone. I use the tint for casual days when I choose to use no other products but still want to correct my skin tone or require a little freshening up.  Whereas I'll apply the light-wear, stay in place foundation (Estee Lauder) which is pictured, called 'double wear light' (HERE) when I'm after a slightly creamier and more dewy coverage.

I rely on Estee Lauder's illuminating cream which comes in a wind-up applicator with a built in brush head.  A great product to hide any dark circles and I also use it as a base on the eye lids when I do wear eye shadow to make sure the colour doesn't smudge or lighten prematurely. Mascara is one of my favourite products (not pictured).  I don't use the waterproof ones as they make my lashes more brittle.  I think it's hard to go wrong with mascara since there are so many top products on the market and tend to pick mine more on the applicator brush shape and type of bristles over anything else (naturally the actual mascara quality is a factor).

The Clarins 'blush prodige' (HERE) with its various shades have kept me as a devoted customer for some ten years now. The blush is perfect to either blend or you can use a specific shade which gives a variety of colour options.  An ingenious product due to the range of options, especially for me since my skin tone colouring can change quite dramatically between winter to summer.  

I always use a little mineral bronzer. At the moment I'm loving the Mac product (HERE) and the short haired thick applicator brush (HERE).  The mineral bronzer adds the perfect amount of colour, is lightweight and doesn't clog the pores and adds another layer of SPF protection.  I find since it goes on so finely and the colour deepens quickly, it is pretty much impossible to apply too much and it never looks caked (or thickly layered/applied).

For the lips I can't live without the Lucas' Papaw ointment (HERE) for moisturising and the clear Lancome juicy tube for adding a little sparkle (HERE).


  1. I can not live without the Estee Lauder illuminating cream and concealer, and of course Lucas' Papaw ointment. I use them every day - best products for a daily routine!
    Great post :)

  2. Great presentation Mandi. So many lovely things in your beauty case.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Great post!

    Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog,
    So that deserves a new follower (BLOGLOVIN &GFC) :)

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!

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  4. Great make up tips! Will try them out ;)
    Love your blog, hope you stop by mine and we can follow eachother!

  5. i'm currently looking for pretty blush and great foundation. Will look up on my Clarins counter their blushes. Thank You for sharing! I always love to know what make-up product are working or not.

    xoxo Ra