An early birthday present: Etoile Isabel Marant Rosalie lace top

New in and a teeny bit early for my birthday, but it's close enough!  The Etoile Isabel Marant 'Rosalie' stretch lace top. Yippee.....

I'd been eyeing off the ethereal floaty yet boxy cut lace tops from the runway of Isabel Marant for some time, but was after something a little closer cut to the body and a less pricey than the ones from the ready to wear collection.  Although they are striking, my spending does have a limit and I had to factor in what I had in my wardrobe to compliment the top. That's when I came across this top from the Etoile range. 

At approximately 65% of the price when compared to the runway model, this was definitely a more affordable option.  I was particularly attracted to the cuteness of the singlet cut with the deep armholes and the fact it was a little less sheer.  It's so much softer than I imagined and comes off rather edgy, yet breezy and very cool, perfect for the summer.   I’m loving the hint of romance to the vintage styled fabric, the variation of pattern in the lace, the scalloped and raw edged hemline, and the little knotted edges around the scooped neckline and arms.  This top has definitely surpassed even my expectations which I believe I set high so that says a lot! 

For the number of ladies I personally know that are considering purchasing this top, here are some detailed shots especially for you.  I hope they help you decide.


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  1. love that singlet - it's so beautiful! :) Happy early Birthday! :)

  2. Anonymous21.1.12

    Did you see this Balmain vest on Outnet UK that Emmanuelle Alt wore during fashion week last year?

    1. I hadn't seen that. I was avoiding the outnet the other day when they had the Balmain sale on. Crazy I know but I bought far too much last time.

      Great vest though. Balmain does such exquisite detailing. I swear Emmanuelle could rock just about anything and look fabulous!

      Did you get anything from the sale?

  3. Love, love this top!! Just came across this on carolines mode and thought of you...Balmain Boucle Jacket.. x

  4. This top is so exquisite and beautiful! You got a great present!

    Thank you so much for passing by and leaving a comment :)


  5. Ahh jealous! It's beautiful! You have a wonderful blog, we should follow each other :)

  6. Beautiful lace :) I love the box it comes in also! Makes it so much more special!

  7. Hi Kaye, I just dropped by your blog. Those muffins look devine! xx

  8. awww i love everuthing bout lace and color black :)
    this one is so beautiful!!!!
    when is your birthday???
    me and my baby are both aquarius :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. You sneaky thing, you never mentioned your birthday!! Hope you got spoiled on the day. Beautiful top! I can't wait to see how you pair it with the rest of your wardrobe.

  10. Hi prettymeggy. Mine is the 6th of Feb so I'm working my way up to it. You're both Aquarians too! Ooh... When are you're birthdays? It's a good time to be born :) xx

  11. Hi Marlene, He he... 6th of Feb. Drawing out the celebrations :)

  12. it's so fit...Happy birthday.wonderful i like it.

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