Celine Resort 2012 Bags & the challenges of aquiring one!

Seasons come and seasons go and what's hot in the fashion world can change as swiftly as the blink of an eye, but Celine has managed to remain as one of the hottest brands in terms of bags. Celine has done so many things right with the quality, the integrity and incorporation of classic designs and by keeping the bags in the hands of the very few.  I can see the credibility of all of those factors for branding purposes, especially limiting how many are produced and only distributing through ultra-prestigious retailers, however it has also driven me absolutely crazy!  Trying to get a hold of a Celine in the style and colour you would like in Australia is ridiculously difficult and something I even struggled with in London recently.  

In London, I had eyed off one particular bag, decided to think about it (so pretty much I wasn't thinking logically), went back for it and poof, it was gone. Snapped up by one very fortunate woman no doubt.  The sales assistant (who was probably in dismay that I managed to part with the bag and walk away in the first place), then stressed how difficult it was to come by, how they get only limited drops, never know what they will receive and have such a high demand that they wouldn't even consider taking my details.  I was also told that a lot of the limited release colours sell out prior to actually ever seeing the light of day of the sales room floor.  Some up to three months in advance, with full payment required of a bag which is sight unseen.  That in mind, it looks like I'm going to have to address my indecisiveness if I'm going to play in the fashion big leagues and acquire a Celine Resort bag. 

Since missing out on buying my desired bag, I went in search of pre-season pictures of Celine’s Resort 2012 designs, which are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves.  Sufficient to say, I was beyond elated when I spotted these images.  Although I think they are all utterly fabulous, at this point I'm leaning towards the bright orange Box (4th image down) since I've still got my heart set on a neutral coloured Mini Phantom Luggage bag. I'm trying to diversify and since at this point, they are only wish list items, there is always time for a change of mind.  Which one is your favourite?

Photo credits: http://lolitaabrahamfashion.blogspot.com


  1. Anonymous6.1.12

    Yikes! Just about need a pair of shades to view those bags. I LOVE THEM!!! The yellow ones are my pick for sure. Reminds me of when neon was the in thing round the time of Wham (with George Michael). I'm showing my age now... Nikki

  2. I am with you honey I like the orange one, I think I prefer the smaller bags in the garish bold colours, the big ones just take over the whole outfit and are too much for me. I would rather the luggage bags in more neutral grey or black like the two in Harrods we looked at. Tom xx

  3. Ohhh I love the pink bags on the first pics !!!

  4. Elke got a yellow bag for X-Mas and she´s wearing it all the time, so go for a bright color! Celine Heartattack! I´m loving the Mini Phantom Luggage in ... black, sigh ;)
    xx Doro

  5. Hi 2onplateaus - Oh boy! Elke is sooooo lucky. What a X-Mas present! Tell her to enjoy and let me know whey you have some pic's up. I'm dying to see it. I'm the same with the Mini Phantom Luggage. Black all the way :)

    Crystal & Nikki - You've both got me looking at the other colours. Let's face it, I'd have any of them.

    Tom - That black Mini Phantom Luggage was devine wasn't it :) xx

  6. Anonymous7.1.12

    loove... Especially the snake clutches! soooo beautiful, ahhh

  7. When I called you from Harrods regarding the Mini Luggage (which turned out to be navy), there were so many women milling around pawing on it. One in particular was carrying a croc Birkin. So yeah, I was eyeing that more so than the Celine bag. Never mind, it's not your time yet. I guess you'll just have to make another trip here to get a VAT free bag :P

  8. Hi Marlene,

    The Celine counter tends to attract a hoard doesn't it and woman with great taste, especially in bags. A great place for bag eye candy.

    It looks like I will have to come back over to get one. You've twisted my arm my shopping bud :)

  9. The celine bags are so in demand right now, it's crazy! I know overstock and reebonz have had them in stock just recently, but they always sell out. Hope you're able to track down the bag you want soon :)


  10. Thanks for the tip Mica. I'll check them out.

  11. oh it frustrates me when that happens, same happened to me a while ago with a celine dress that costed only 70 euros and i nearly got my hands on but then decided to leave it behind resulting to loosing the opportunity of having it.

    1. It's amazing how quick we have to buy things these days. There is literally so much competition for the hot items. Sounds like we've both learnt our lesson? I hope for our sake :)