Excessive shoes: Making order from chaos

I thought I would share some tips (and obsessiveness) for keeping a shoe closet in order, or rescuing it from chaos (as was my case). In short, this post solely relates to my personal DIY action, too much time and too many shoes!

We live in a small, but lovely unit and the wardrobe space is rather minimal.  The wardrobe is the units biggest design blunder.  This limitation has instilled me with a need to be proactive about keeping things in order. I dislike clutter and try to avoid it at all costs.  I also have a belief that things should be able to be located and accessed without to much hassle.  Unfortunately, I also like to hoard items, especially shoes, which causes a bit of a space/storage predicament.  When faced with the option of having to cull my shoes (yet again) or develop a solution, it wasn't even a contest.

In order to address the issue of having my shoes in disarray, sprawled here, there and everywhere, and also to look at the long term protection of the shoes, I decided to box them and get a wardrobe hanging unit.  I started collecting my Netaporter wrapping boxes that I received with every purchase a while back and have finally found a useful purpose for them.  Each box holds a pair of my favorite pair of boots.  This protects them from dust and fading since quite a few of them are suede and over-exposing them to sunlight is equally as detrimental as staining. 


Admittedly it sounds extreme to house a shoe (boot) collection this way, but it's cheap and organised.  Plus I've seen the detriment of neglect, especially caused from sunlight, having discarded several of my old trustee suede heels and boots in the past due to them being lightened noticeably on one side!

I took inspiration from a vintage episode of Sex in the city, where Carrie stacks her shoe boxes and labels them up with photographs so she could clearly see what is in each box.  Such a great idea as I hate hiding away my shoes in boxes since it takes time to open each individually (if I'm looking for inspiration) and they are just so pretty! The photo's help with this and are used as a reminder of what I already have. Hm... cause for concern that I'm comparing my shoe collection to Carrie's!

Since accessibility is also a fundamental aspect, I bought one of the old cheapo wardrobe solutions, a hanging unit.  An ingenious idea which offers a quick fix for wardrobes with limited design.  It's easily removable with the velcro fastening and it fits clothing in the shelves but is wide and deep enough to also fit the shoe boxes.  The best thing is being able to fit two shoe boxes on top of each other on each shelf. This just means that instead of having boxes stacked several high, directly sitting on the next, and potentially causing a shoe avalanche when pulling a box from the bottom (always a fun experience), they can easily be removed.

At this point you're probably thinking I've got FAR too much time on my hands and you're probably right.  What can I say, I like things to be orderly.  I'm just a little fastidious.

Below is a little sneak peak into part of my wardrobe so you can see the end result of my labour of love.  My boyfriend has partially claimed some space (you'll notice some mens boots, jackets etc peaking through underneath and to the side of the hanging unit).  Yes he is a rather brave man to even contemplate infringing on the space.  However, the co-op arrangement is working nicely and we haven't even had any territorial tiffs.  Who would have thought a woman could share wardrobe space! 

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Where to get your Isabel Marant Willow sneakers now!

So here we go...  What you've all been waiting for.  The Isabel Marant Willow current stockist!

This is to help all of the ladies that have been frantically looking for the Isabel Marant Willow sneakers to no avail. I figured I would do a post, since I literally can't keep up to the emails requesting the details (sorry ladies, I'm been doing my best). Plus who has what at any given time changes so quickly when it comes to these super stylish hi-tops!

Morgan Clare boutique received their stock of the Willows in three different colourways on the weekend.  They went online approximately 24 hours ago and at least half, if not more, have already gone. The colours below are what stock are available to purchase through the boutique or online at  www.morganclare.co.uk.

Just a heads up, although Morgan Clare are based in the UK, then do ship worldwide.  It is an exceptional boutique with service second to none!

Photo credit: Images taken from www.morganclare.co.uk website (adapted by me)

What's old is new again: Isabel Marant Chili boots

Some time back, I was in search of a little ankle style boot that I could put on rotation with my Isabel Marant Dicker boots (taupe).  Ideally I was after something black to diversify my wardrobe a little, rather than getting another pair in a similar colour.  I've done this regularly and when it goes to dressing I would peer inside my shoe cupboard and think, so... should I wear the taupe or the taupe boots?  Hm... they're both so different!  A very Devil Wears Prada movie plot moment. Tell me others have similar buying patterns to?

So in an attempt to get out of my rut of loving a shoe so much, I simply buy it in another colour (I'm still guilty of this practice occasionally), or buying an ever so slightly different shoe, but in the same shade, I occasionally turn to Coolspotters, Google or other blogs to check out images for inspiration. That's when I came across these little numbers. The Isabel Marant Chili boot.  From memory it retailed a couple of years back now (I think 2010).  To be honest, Miranda Kerr (those legs!) and the relaxed chic of many other celebrities who donned these boots, really sold them to me as the perfect little go anywhere boot.

Photo credit (above two images):  http://www.coolspotters.com/

The one thing I like about finding items from years back (in new or perfect condition), is that most people will have had their day with lovin' the item and are often keen to off-load them for a realistic or even under-valued price. After years, their lust and desire to own or wear an item has generally worn off, even more so if the item went unworn in the first instance.  So picking up some of these items means that they are seen less often which to me makes the item feel that little bit more exclusive.  Although I do love seasonal trends and new releases, I'm not opposed to acquiring and wearing older items of great design. 

Needless to say, I have a weakness for Isabel Marant items, but only cottoned on to her greatness within the past year or so, which meant missing the release of these boots.  So when the opportunity presented itself, it was a no brainer decision to snap them up and I literally got them for a steal! What do you know, I even succeeded with getting them in black!

Regarding the above photo and in my defence, my legs normally aren't actually THAT white.  Whoa no!  I was attempting a little bit of creativity with the photo.  I disturbingly felt a sudden need to explain myself with that one.

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As you may have already gathered from my previous posts, I'm particularly partial to the 2010 collection of Isabel Marant's shoes.  The cone, wooden stacked heels were featured heavily in that year's collections.  They are a great height and stable so you can walk on them for hours and hours.  Let's face it, comfort does get factored in. 

These Chili boots work well with shorter length skirts, shorts, dresses and my favourite items of the moment, skinny or pencil leg jeans (I'm going through a real jeans phase).  I love these boots with my J Brand black pencil leg jeans, my old worn brown leather belt and a basic tee.  Such simplistic styling yet it makes an easy and versatile outfit that transcends most of my activities.  Perfect for any daily outing, a festival or traveling (in style of course).  The look even works at night for those who like to bar hop, have a few drinks or dine in an edgy restaurant.

I thought it was an appropriate time to do a post on these since I've seen a few pairs circulating for sale on eBay recently (US, UK and FR) and mostly for low prices!  Just in case they take your fancy.

An early birthday present: Etoile Isabel Marant Rosalie lace top

New in and a teeny bit early for my birthday, but it's close enough!  The Etoile Isabel Marant 'Rosalie' stretch lace top. Yippee.....

I'd been eyeing off the ethereal floaty yet boxy cut lace tops from the runway of Isabel Marant for some time, but was after something a little closer cut to the body and a less pricey than the ones from the ready to wear collection.  Although they are striking, my spending does have a limit and I had to factor in what I had in my wardrobe to compliment the top. That's when I came across this top from the Etoile range. 

At approximately 65% of the price when compared to the runway model, this was definitely a more affordable option.  I was particularly attracted to the cuteness of the singlet cut with the deep armholes and the fact it was a little less sheer.  It's so much softer than I imagined and comes off rather edgy, yet breezy and very cool, perfect for the summer.   I’m loving the hint of romance to the vintage styled fabric, the variation of pattern in the lace, the scalloped and raw edged hemline, and the little knotted edges around the scooped neckline and arms.  This top has definitely surpassed even my expectations which I believe I set high so that says a lot! 

For the number of ladies I personally know that are considering purchasing this top, here are some detailed shots especially for you.  I hope they help you decide.


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Isabel Marant Woody Sandals, size 36: Send them my way!

So my lovely ladies... I've had two shoe obsessions that have gotten the better of me over the past few years. The Isabel Marant Dana boots and the Isabel Marant Woody Sandals. Both from past seasons (around the 2010 era), loved by many models, bloggers and fashionistas and as a result, virtually impossible to find.  

After posting in December, requesting help finding the Dana boots, I actually got a pair.  A direct result of the post and I'm eternally grateful.  So here is the second and last purchase I've been searching the globe for. If you are willing to part with a pair of your own of have seen some in size 36 for sale, please contact me (please please please.........)!  I've already tried shamelessly to convince the few women I know who own them in my size to sell them to me, but to no avail.  So now I'm taking my search viral.

I suppose the fact that someone would search so hard for an item some one and half years after it's release is a true credit to the design but maybe not the obsessive searcher?  What can I say, when I have my heart set on an item, there's just no substitute.   Any help you could give to finally put my quest to bed would be greatly appreciated. xx


Photo credit:  By the Purse Forum member 'tae', uploaded on 21 May 2011, 2:03am
(Thanks tae for all of your help to date and permission to use your photo) xx

Photo credit (above two photo's were listed on ebay auction 320826589525 (but would have origianlly been from another source)

You WILL be mine: Celine Pre-Fall 2012 Phantom bag

A huge thanks goes out to Mary for sending me the link to this Celine Pre-Fall 2012 bag and further feeding my addiction for Celine's bags.  This Phantom is one that won't get away!  I'm crushing over the neutral base and that stunning blue detailing. It's classic but with an edge.

Black Friday: It's all about the Balmain leather pants

I've recently arrived home from the UK. My partner and roped in, very supportive better half, who happens to be my on the move and outfit photographer, is currently still in the UK on a little hiatus.  Speaking strictly in terms of the blog, his absence has presented me with a bit of a dilemma. No photographer! Eek!  So instead of panicking and working myself into a frenzy (ok.. ok... I did originally), I decided to embrace the challenge to work with what I've got.  That being a point and shoot camera and a self timer, coupled with a heap of time and hopefully some patience (the later, only time will tell and personally I'm not confident).  I'm sure I will have turned semi-pro by the time he gets back or at least I'm hoping.  So bear with me on my self portrait journey.  I don't promise anything impressive or glamorous (you have been warned), but there will at least be some outfit posts.

My first effort was with the post on my Christian Louboutin Feticha heels (Sunday, 8 January).  Somehow I managed to get those shots within minutes and after only taking three photo's.  I must say, that instilled me with a self-confidence and utterly misguided belief in my ability to execute a composed and some what stylish photo.  I've learnt from taking the photo's for this post that it is surprisingly more difficult than I anticipated, more skill is required for entire outfit shots, and point and shoot cameras don't miraculously balance by themselves when turned vertically to take a portrait shot. 

Below are the end results from my extensive, yet mostly disastrous outfit shots. These black Balmain leather pants were one of my luckiest finds, from http://www.theoutnet.com/ on sale for 80% off!  The pants are the softest lambskin with a glossed lustre and very subtle cracked effect.  I've teamed them with a silk sleeveless top (partially shown) and my Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels. A very simple top and heels so as to not detract from the pants.

What I'm wearing:
Pants: Balmain black glossed leather pants
Top:  Scanlan & Theodore silk sleeveless top (Australian designer)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' patent 120mm pumps

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New In: Isabel Marant Zappy belt

I was obsessed with Isabel Marant's palladium silver disc belt from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  In one of my moments of reining in my spending, I decided that I shouldn't pay full price for the belt and would wait for the sales to hit. Unfortunately my timing was a little off and I only stumbled onto various sales after they had commenced. By that time, the belt was sold out in my size, snapped up by all the discerning fans. Tut.. tut... I just never seem to learn.

So in an effort to make amends for passing on the original opportunity to buy last year's belt, I decided to chase after (meaning frantically stalk) this seasons Isabel Marant 'Zappy' silver plated belt.  But you guessed it, I just looked at it online and lusted after it for the full season.  What can I say, old habits die hard, that is until now.   Today it is mine.  The package was waiting for me when I returned home containing this gorgeous belt from http://www.espejto.it/, an online store that I have fallen in love with and peruse/shop from way too often due to my crush specifically on Isabel Marant items.  I have to say, Isabel Marant's 'Zappy' belt it is utterly fabulous and if possible, even better in person.  So here are some photo's of my beloved belt.  May it be worn many times.


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In my shoes: Christian Louboutin Feticha pumps (brown)

I've been known to have a bit of a shoe fetish. Doesn't every gal though?  Alright so that's not the best justification.  Having a gorgeous selection of shoes does have many benefits.  It makes for a great wardrobe, endless outfit possibilities and is the perfect form of expression in my eyes, however I found that I was completely stressed when it came to travelling.  Which pairs do I pack and which ones should I leave home and very few shoes went with much at all?  Feeling that my shoe cupboard was excessive (believe it or not), ill-planned and never knowing what to pack, made me cull my shoe collection and categorize what I should keep in terms of what I actually needed, would wear and how often.  This was the polar opposite to just having shoes for the sake of having shoes and worshiping half of my ill-thought out collection for their sheer beauty (I turned semi-pro at this) rather than functionality.  Thinking of what a gal 'needs' is an impractical thought in itself, but I managed to decide what I would finally keep and was ruthless in my selection.  I even created some 'reserved shoe space' for future shoe purchases.  Planned of course.  I've learnt the error of my ways.

These Christian Louboutin Feticha heels make up one of the pairs I kept due to being a wardrobe staple.  Simple and classic in design and considered some of my essential shoes, meaning heels which I practically live in, rotating them and wearing them five days a week working in an office.  I find that having 4"-5" heels, vamp up pretty much any other outfit as well.  Being the vertically challenged and very 'mid height' gal that I am, they also give me those longer legs that elude me naturally. 

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Celine Resort 2012 Bags & the challenges of aquiring one!

Seasons come and seasons go and what's hot in the fashion world can change as swiftly as the blink of an eye, but Celine has managed to remain as one of the hottest brands in terms of bags. Celine has done so many things right with the quality, the integrity and incorporation of classic designs and by keeping the bags in the hands of the very few.  I can see the credibility of all of those factors for branding purposes, especially limiting how many are produced and only distributing through ultra-prestigious retailers, however it has also driven me absolutely crazy!  Trying to get a hold of a Celine in the style and colour you would like in Australia is ridiculously difficult and something I even struggled with in London recently.  

In London, I had eyed off one particular bag, decided to think about it (so pretty much I wasn't thinking logically), went back for it and poof, it was gone. Snapped up by one very fortunate woman no doubt.  The sales assistant (who was probably in dismay that I managed to part with the bag and walk away in the first place), then stressed how difficult it was to come by, how they get only limited drops, never know what they will receive and have such a high demand that they wouldn't even consider taking my details.  I was also told that a lot of the limited release colours sell out prior to actually ever seeing the light of day of the sales room floor.  Some up to three months in advance, with full payment required of a bag which is sight unseen.  That in mind, it looks like I'm going to have to address my indecisiveness if I'm going to play in the fashion big leagues and acquire a Celine Resort bag. 

Since missing out on buying my desired bag, I went in search of pre-season pictures of Celine’s Resort 2012 designs, which are almost as difficult to find as the bags themselves.  Sufficient to say, I was beyond elated when I spotted these images.  Although I think they are all utterly fabulous, at this point I'm leaning towards the bright orange Box (4th image down) since I've still got my heart set on a neutral coloured Mini Phantom Luggage bag. I'm trying to diversify and since at this point, they are only wish list items, there is always time for a change of mind.  Which one is your favourite?

Photo credits: http://lolitaabrahamfashion.blogspot.com

My holy grail: Isabel Marant Dana boots

I did a blog post on the 19th of December (2011) pleading for assistance in finding the Isabel Marant Dana boots.  It was a desperate last attempt and I have to say a successful one!  Note to self, be desperate online more often...

I would like to thank all the lovely ladies that posted comments and emailed me directly, offering tips and solutions, trying to assist me solve my purchasing dilemma. It was so nice of you all to the take the time to help out a fellow shopper in 'crisis' and I cannot express to you just how grateful I am.  And last but not least, a huge thank you has to go out to A├»ssa who actually found my most lusted after item in the black suede for me on Vestiairedecopines. 

The boots have finally arrived and are where they belong, nestling nicely in my shoe closet.  Here is a sneak peak of my beauties although I'm sure they will be prominently featured in the future in outfit posts.  'My' boots... in 'my' shoe closet... now that has a nice ring to it.

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