Where to buy: Isabel Marant LIMITED EDITION & RUNWAY S/S 2012 pieces

I've been reading various blogs and forums recently and noticed that many women were searching for the boutiques and stores that stock the runway pieces of Isabel Marant.  The more high-end pieces that are investment pieces, created in only small quantities and exclusive, hard to come by and normally sold through pre-sales or require special orders.  The limitation of these pieces availability makes sense considering the fabric compositions, pricing point and often that the garments are handmade and require an extensive period of time to construct.  

So here's an insider's tip on where you can currently do pre-orders for some of these remarkable limited edition pieces from the Spring Summer 2012 ready-to-wear Isabel Marant collection and also the more popular runway pieces.  I hope it helps some of you lovely ladies out and enables you to get a hold of these works of art that will surely be collector's pieces for the Isabel Marant devotees and fashion crowd.

All of the pieces below are available for pre-order online from http://www.espejto.it/.  You will need to register on the site before you are able to see any of the Isabel Marant RTW or Etoile Isabel Marant pieces. Once your registration is complete and you have logged in, simply click on the tab 'Designers' and then 'Isabel Marant' (the Etoile range is listed separately) and then on 'Shop by Isabel Marant' and the collection and pre-orders will appear.  There are obviously a lot more pieces on the site than these so check it out for yourself. The Spring/Summer 2012 Etoile range is not up yet and what's up from the mainline, I'm sure this will not be all of the stock that they are getting, but what a commendable start!

Please note that I am not affiliated with the site in any way, I just thought it is a nice gesture to share some stockist information, especially for the rarer pieces.  I can speak from my first-hand shopping experience with Espejto and highly recommend them.   The team there have provided me with a fair amount of assistance and have been exceptionally helpful (and patient with me). 

A note regarding the taxes, Espejto includes the VAT in the prices (as they are in the EU).  If you are getting your order shipped outside Europe and therefore need the VAT removed from the price, you will have to email Espejto to get them to invoice you directly excluding the VAT. Espejto also accept Paypal which I have found the easiest to use. That's my little tip as a fellow shopper outside the EU.  Enjoy... oh, and try not to spend too much!

Isabel Marant WEEZ RAJASTHANI handmade jacket
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
2,700.00 EUR

Isabel Marant WOLF BOMBAY NIGHTS handmade gilet
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
2,390.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LOLA handmade lace dress
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
970.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LIA gathered dress
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
1,260.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LOL handmade lace top
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
690.00 EUR

Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
780.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LUCY IRISH jacquard pull
Runway piece
750.00 EUR

Isabel Marant PEPITO printed velvet pants
Runway piece
259.00 EUR

Isabel Marant TEVI american braided tee - 286.00 EUR
Isabel Marant REO embroided printed jeans - 388 EUR
Isabel Marant RIO sandal - 495 EUR
Runway pieces

Isabel Marant INIO printed jacquard lurex dress
Runway piece
938.00 EUR


  1. My pleasure. Just a heads up, I was in London today and Selfridges have their delivery (or at least their first) of the Isabel Marant shoes. They had the white bobby sneakers, two different colour ways of the Willow sneakers, the platform buckled leather sandal and two pairs of the dicker boots (the anthracite and a honey colour). All of the shoes were devine!

  2. Anonymous11.12.11

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I've been searching for some of these pieces everywhere. You are THE BEST!!

  3. OMG! They have the most amazing Isabel Marant items. I just have to decide which pieces I want which is the most difficult thing

  4. Glad I could help out. I too had a tough time culling my list to make it manageable. There are just so many gorgeous pieces!

    Just a reminder, Espejto have other items listed. I've pretty much just showcased in this post the rarer pieces which obviously are more pricey due to only being made in limited quantities, normally being handmade and the expense for the fabrics used. The site has heaps of other equally gorgeous pieces that are in the normal Isabel Marant pricing range xx

  5. Thank you so much for this information, hon! :)


  6. Hi El, So glad to pass on the info. I hope you find some gorgeous items there xx

  7. Anonymous18.1.12

    hello, bumped into your blog today and I'm already obsessed!!
    i signed up for Espejto but couldn't see any IM items listing there... it said "There are no products to list in this category" now... just wonder why?

  8. Hi Anon. Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

    I've just checked Espejto and all the IM stock is there. When you go onto the site, have you clicked 'Log in' and entered your details (email and password)? You can only see the items once you are actually logged in.

    After logging in, click 'Designers', then 'IM', then 'Shop by IM'.

    I struggled a bit in the beggining because I don't think my registration had gone through or something.

    Feel free to drop me an email to findmeamuse@gmail.com and I will give you a direct email and contact name there if you need it :) I deal with a very helpful and lovely lady there. xx

  9. Oh Mandi such an awesome post this is, i can know understand what you meant about getting popularity by the isabel marant fans, of course you would get it since you are so helpful and so kind to share with us usualful tips like this,
    i wasn't familiar with the site so thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Marianne, Thanks for all of the lovely comments. My pleasure. Have to look after fellow shoppers :) Espejto are amazing. So great to deal with. I love that about the boutique stores. They go out of their way to help you out. xx

  11. Hey hun,

    Your blog is fab! Was just wondering if you know where to pre-order the Isabel Marant Rio Sandals?

    Thank you in advance
    Sarah @ Luju x

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much. The gorgeous Rio sandals area available for pre-order at www.espejto.it in both the neural and the black colours. You have to sign up to be a member (and then log in) to be able to see the IM stock though. If you have any trouble email Francesca (she is a doll)! Let me know if you need any help. I've ordered the black! He he.. I just couldn't wait for them! xx

  12. Espejto rocks! And so do you Mandi:-)

    Best store with the greatest service! Wouldn't be the same girl without Espejto and the possibility to preorder all the IT-items which I never would be able to get my little cold hands comming from little Denmark:-)

    And by the way; check the presale for her AW2012...uuuuhhhhh:-)

    1. I'm glad you checked them out. I shop from there alot. They are so lovely. Argh... the AW range is gorgeous! I ordered the David coat from there. I just couldn't resist. It's great being able to pre-order and not worry isn't it. I hope you love your new buys :) xx