My winter outerwear essentials

I'm currently in the UK which requires substantial travel from Australia and a fair degree of adjustment due to being in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern, and experiencing the polar opposite season. The projected cold local UK weather (well it is winter) and baggage limit allowances were rather restricting when it came to packing.  Most of my warm items are of heavy weight meaning I had to pack wisely and only a handful of the key and versatile items. 

These two are some of my essential items which are capable of keeping out the winter chills and breezes so these were my must pack items for my half way around the world trek.  My wardrobe is fairly balanced and at this point not excessive. I literally have one long coat and one leather jacket so in a way, maybe my packing was down to a selective and minimalistic wardrobe rather than travel expertise or intelligence.

Here's a closer look at the two items I'm relying on for the UK winter.  The coat is by Joseph (New Soho coat) and the aged leather jacket is by Belstaff (Shelley Blouson).  

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  1. These are cute jackets.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. Anonymous15.12.11

    I love the Belstaff leather jacket! It reminds me of some of the ones that Angelina Jolie wears. Can you email me with the store's details of where you bought it from? Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks for stopping by sabo skirt. I just checked your blog out. Great posts...

    Anon. Please drop me an email to I'll find you the details of the store and the jacket and forward them through xx

  4. hi Mandi!
    thanks for dropping by... i will be happy to hear you again :)
    you have nice blog too!!! i love that leather jacket :)
    take care... xoxo, Haus of Gala

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and left me a sweet note. Hope the leather jacket will keep you warm. Ive not own a leather jacket as i'm not sure if it'll be warm enough.
    Hope to see you again real soon at my blog =)

  6. Anonymous15.12.11

    Love your winter outwears!!


  7. You look chic no matter what you wear. I love both the coat and jacket because you they're both chic and edgy. Just like you!

  8. Thanks ladies for the sweet comments. Chocolate cookies and candies you ALWAYS make me chuckle xx

  9. The Joseph coat is fantastic. I kinda regret I didn't buy it on NAP, it's even on sale.. but my size is out of stock.

  10. I just saw the sale price on it to. Insanely cheap! Maybe one will get returned you never know your luck

  11. Hi Mandy !
    For such a long time I´m surching for excatly this leather jacket by Belstaff.
    If you know any Lady who wants to sell hers ... I really would appriciate it.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

    1. HI Giesa,

      Drop me an email to I have a friend that has some Belstaff jackets. She may have this one or one very similar