Minimalist colour-blocking perfection: Celine Trapeze bag

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Photo credit: Vogue Italia


  1. I saw that first photo on Hanneli the other day... such a lovely Celine bag-- and a great departure from the (in my opinion) over-hyped Boston totes.

    And thanks for the blog comment-- I'm selling my camo dicker boots on ebay as I've recently acquired a pair in taupe! On my wishlist from the upcoming season are the anthracite... that is if I have enough funds.

    Have you had your taupes long? I'm going to PA for a month in mid-December, and I'm thinking I may only take one pair with me, but I can't decide between brown or taupe. I anticipate a lot of salt on the ground with all the ice and snow... I'm afraid to mess up two, let alone one, pairs! Do the taupe stain easily?


  2. I actually prefer the mini luggage. They're more elegant and classic looking.

  3. Hi Balkis,

    You are so lucky to get a hold of the taupe dickers these days. They are so sought after. Congrats! I saw the anthracite the other day on a blogger and also love them. Gorgeous colour. My pleasure for the comment. I follow your blog regularly. I'm loving your IM coat.

    My taupe dickers I bought when they were first released from the fall/winter 2011 collection so maybe 4 months ago? I wear them so much (and I'm not precious with them) and they are much more hardy then I expected. I haven't damaged or got any marks on the suede but I do recommend scotch guarding them. If it were me, I would take the taupe with you just because they are lighter and less likely for any salt to do damage. I've had my dickers soaked the other day in the rain and they are still perfect.

    If you are worried, I would take a pair of dickers but some back up shoes if you wear them and think they conditions are just too extreme for them. Just in case ;-)

  4. Hi Chocolate, Cookies and Candies. Me too and the mini luggage would be my ultimate bag. I'm still thinking (on a daily basis) of the one in Selfridges that I saw in London, which I'm sure is not healthy. I'm thinking I will cave on it.