Layer upon layer upon layer: Objective... keeping warm!

It's been quite a mild winter to date here in the UK so when we went to Bath a couple of days ago, I was anticipating similar weather. Thankfully I took my winter woollies as a cold weather precaution. Bath was exceptionally cold. Just a mere three degrees!  So this is my comfortable, but more importantly warm outfit for a day out of sightseeing and loads of walking.   As many wool, thick pieces I could get my hands on and layering to the max!

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What I'm wearing:
Etoile Isabel Marant 'Jemma' knit (Fall/Winter 2011 collection)
Isabel Marant 'Maddox' Roller pants (Spring/Summer 2011 collection)
Joseph 'New Soho' black wool coat (Fall/Winter 2011 collection)
Isabel Marant 'Bekket' hi-top sneakers (Spring/Summer 2011 collection)
Scotch & Soda grey long wool scarf
Belstaff 'Colonial 556' mountain brown messenger bag (still on loan [so to speak] from my boyfriend for "the day")


  1. You look uber cool ! + You wear the Bekkets soo well !

  2. Hi Mia, Thanks so much. My Bekkets are getting some serious wear.

  3. Anonymous9.12.11

    I also have this Etoile sweater! Isnt it so warm?
    I'm heading to the UK in a week, hope I wont get frozen ;)
    Greetings from France :)

  4. The Etoile sweater is lovely and toasty to wear but the temperatures are definitely starting to drop in the UK so pack warm!

    We are heading to London tomorrow and the forecast temperature is approximately 0 degrees. Brrr... I'm sure you will have an amazing trip though. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by xx

  5. Top top top !!! You are perfect !!!

  6. Thanks Crystal. I stopped by your blog today as well actually. Loved your outfit!

  7. Lovely outfit! I'm so upset that I lost the bidding on those pants on eBay a while back. Maybe you're the lucky winner:)? They look so good on you.

  8. Thanks so much Garderoben. I think they would look great on anyone due to the gorgeous cut. I saw that a little while back there was a pair on auction and they went for a reasonable price too. Maybe that was the auction you were bidding on? I bought mine ages ago but I don't think a lot of people went for this design due to the fold down waist. If you see another pair I highly recommend them. Thanks for stopping by...

  9. zeynep1.2.12

    it says bekkets here for these sneakers but they look exactly alike with the willows. is it different or its name has changed for the new season?? :) cause i found bekket ones online, would like to know if there is any difference?!
    Thank you

    1. Hi zeynep, They are basically the same style in sneaker. They were originally called 'Perkin', then 'Bekket' (which were the Winter 2011 ones), and the 'Willows' are from the current 2012 Summer range.

      The difference will be in the colour and also some slight detailing, or change in materials used (but the sneaker shape and 2" inner sole is the same). For instance, my black 'Bekket' sneakers are a leather and suede combination, where are my 'Willow' sneakers are all suede. I hope that helps.

  10. Hi, garderoben again. May I ask what size your maddox pants are? I'm still looking for them. I'm normally a size 1 in IM skinny pants, and a 0 in the baggy styles. I'm a sz 27 in jeans. Do you think I should look for a size 1? I'll probably never find them, but if I do, it's good to know.

    1. Hi Garderoben,

      Sure thing. Mine are size 1 and I wear a size 25 jeans. But my pair definitely run very small (more true to size of IM size 0). Some of the other Maddox pants I tried on ran large and others true to size. All over the place sizing wise.

      If you see a pair (say on eBay), the safe way is to ask the seller for the front rise measurement and the waist band (I would clarify with these since they have the fold over waist, that you want the waist as in where the belt loops are/belt sits). I've found that to be a very effective way to get the correct size.

      I saw these ones listed on French ebay which are size 0. They are slightly different to mine as in mine are black denium and the listed ones are a different fabric but same cut (Maddox style) if that makes sense. The listing has the measurements on there to

    2. Hi Mandi,
      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I've seen the ebay listing, but it's a "petit annonce", and the seller won't ship them at all, just local pick up(?). I'm probably a size 1 then, I'll make sure to ask for measurements if I ever find them. Thanks again!