Call of the wild: The hottest animal print heels @ Gucci

I found these pumps online the other day and was nothing short of in awe of them.  In my infinite wisdom, I felt the need to see them in person, try them on and feel their sheer beauty for myself which resulted in me walking all over London in order to find them.  In hindsight, the trekking between stores was energy and time well spent. 

I only require one word to describe these babies...  Fabulous!  Second thoughts, may I add more?  They are even better in person.  Obviously animal print is a key fashion trend right now and these are right on the money.  The brand is Gucci.  Ah you say... of course.  The style name, the 'Noah' zebra print calf-hair pumps.  

These pumps sport a killer four inch thin heel, which in addition to the print and texture, really drives home that va va voom look.   All credit to the design house of Gucci who somehow managed to combine a classic, sleek pump which embraces a contemporary elegance, with the maximum impact of the exotic.  

These are my must have item from the Cruise collection and by the looks for things, a must for many other shoe addicts. These hit the site today (only some 12 hours ago) and they have nearly sold out. 

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  1. I'm still in awe that you could actually walk in them. They're fabulous!! Love 'em on you.

  2. They are actually (surprisingly) comfortable for a 4" heel. Loads and loads of practice with the high heels. I would have learnt to walk for these babies.