What I'm wearing today: Isabel Marant and Belstaff

I'm particularly camera shy. I put it down to my father being over zealous with the camera when I was a child.  Although I have ample gorgeous memories in picture form which I'm utterly grateful for now, it did lead to a dislike for getting my photo taken. 

So after much encouragement from some of my readers and friends, I've finally taken the plunge and started to conquer my fear of getting in front of the lens to get some actual action shots.  We all love to see the details, street fashion and what clothes look like when worn in real life in addition to the glamorous editorials.   So here's what I wore today.  It's just baby steps but I'll get there.

©  Find Me A Muse
What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant 'Rolf' khaki sweater
 Isabel Marant 'Maddox' roller pant
Isabel Marant 'Dicker' suede boots in taupe
Belstaff 'Colonial 556' mountain brown messenger bag 
(bag "borrowed" from boyfriend for "the day") 


  1. Anonymous15.11.11

    Great blog and great style!
    Loving this outfit very much! So effortless and so cool!

  2. Really perfect !!! ;)

  3. Anonymous15.11.11

    OMG... love everything you are wearing...
    tonkamama ; )

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely comments ladies xx

  5. Amazing outfit. Love the trousers!

  6. Love this look, Mandi! It was wonderful catching up with you.

  7. It was really nice to finally meet you Marlene after all this time. I loved your tiny milk bottle post. They are too cute!

  8. love your outfit!! you look fantastic!!