Isabel Marant s/s 2012 boots: A reproduced 'Dana'?

Most people who mix in the fashion circles will have heard of, or own a pair of Isabel Marant's Dana boots. The ever popular slouchy boots with tassels, chain detailing and that exclusive wooden stacked heel that adorned many famous feet.  For those of you who need your memory jogged, below are are few shots of the 2010 Dana boots.

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Now for those of you who missed out on this boot and are still searching, your prayers may be answered.  If the rumours (and the images) circulating are true, it looks like Isabel Marant is producing a similar boot for the s/s 2012 range.  The similar design is distinctive to the Dana in style albeit it has a new vamped up pattern covering (snakeskin print if I'm not mistaken) and replacing the chained embellishment is a velvet section.  The side tassels are also gone much to my disappointment although with this print, tassels would have been over the top. 

To me (and I'm an avid Isabel Marant lover), the original Dana boots are still the be all and end all and I'm sad to say, the newer version just aren't ticking all of my boxes. Maybe they will come in a plainer colourway/basic fabric as well?  Who knows... Although, I have to pay tribute to Isabel Marant.  What seems to be outside the box in design and presumed to be not my style, when seen in person, these items somehow win me over. These are often the more unique pieces that are eye catching but require someone who exudes a more vibrant (and confident) personality than my own to wear.  Maybe I'll go through a similar conversion when these boots hit the shelves and you'll see me strutting down the street. Stay tuned...

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