Gucci Spring 2012 RTW - The beaded & embellished creations

I've recently reignited my love for Gucci.  It was something that I lost quite a few years back when the trend for insignia placement all over bags and accessories was rife. The need to display a fashion label to the world was not something that I ever fancied or felt the need to engage in.

Over the past few seasons though, more than just the leather and accessories have drawn my eye.  I was mesmerized by Gucci's Spring 2012 RTW looks.  With approximately half of the collection having ample displays of intricate beading and flowing dresses reminiscent of the 1920's flappers, I found myself is absolute awe. Of course there were other equally special and yet more wearable pieces, but the it was the pieces pictured below that I couldn't take my eyes off.

Some of the heels have made it to my most wanted list. The heels in the second photo below are my absolute must have with the snakeskin and metal combination sculpted heel, chain embellishment and the rich contrast of the black suede.

So below is a snap shot of the details and a few of the stunning creations that gained my attention and newly founded respect.  I'm sure you will agree they are nothing short of exquisite.

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  1. Anonymous9.12.11

    Those heels you like are so hot!!! I want a pair. I've got a thing for the chain embellished heels. Love the Isabel Marant runway heels too for the summer 2012 collection. Do you know who's getting them? I've looked everywhere

  2. Hi there. The Gucci heels are definitely fabulous.

    I've actually just completed my pre-order for the Isabel Marant runway chain heels and putting a post up tomorrow about an IM stockist. They are available for pre-order on Note you will have to register first to be able to see the IM items. I've found them to be are really helpful at Espejto. Drop them an email if you have any issues ordering online or have questions.