Look book & red carpet snaps: Balmain Resort 2012

I've been particularly caught up in Balmain recently.  As someone that doesn't normally buy Balmain due to the exorbitant prices, I have been fortunate enough in the recent weeks to obtain some at greatly reduced prices on sale.  I have to say I'm just in love with the quality. The weight and textures of the fabrics and the perfection of the tailoring and attention to detail is exquisite.  This lead me to look more into Balmain's Resort 2012 collection which is pictured below. I have a particular weakness to this collection.  I'm hoping some of these pieces make it to the next sale.

Photo credit (all look book images) http://www.the4acesdate.com/

On Monday, 22 August 2011, Zoe Saldana attended the Miami premiere of her new movie Colombiana sporting an adaption of one of Balmain's fabulous new Resort 2012 creations which was customized especially with a flowing long train.  The amount of man hours that must have gone into this dress with the exquisite beading and detailing would be insane!  I shudder to think of the actual price tag for such a piece.

Photo credit (all images of Zoe Saldana) www.batchplease.com

Update: Isabel Marant Willow sneaker (the new Bekket/Perkins)

Good news ladies... for all of you that are already on the search for the new Perkins/Bekket sneakers from Isabel Marant, one of the colour ways is already listed for pre-order on the Barneys website.

The new multi-coloured hi-tops are called the 'Willow' sneaker.  For those of you in the USA who are loving these, Barneys has them available for pre-order. Unfortunately Barneys only offers pre-orders for delivery in the USA so all of the international ladies like myself will have to wait to see if there is any stock left when they come in, or source them from elsewhere.  At least we have the style name though which makes contacting the stores a little easier.

Here's the Barneys online store link for anyone that's interested: 

 Photo credit:  www.barneys.com

If you are curious as to which stores will be stocking which colour variations, here is a little help and just what I personally know so far specific to the Willow.  Netaporter are getting two different colour ways in the Willow sneaker.  The two colour ways are pictured below - the 1st sneaker and 3rd sneaker (working from the left).  The 4th sneaker along is the colour stocked by Barneys.

Photo credit: http://123456789-smiling.blogspot.com/

www.matchesfashion.com  is getting the all white version (pictured below). 

Photo credit:www.matchesfashion.com

I hope this helps a few of you ladies out that have been in search mode already for these sneakers.  I'll keep you all updated when I hear more.  Happy buying xx

Gucci Spring 2012 RTW - The beaded & embellished creations

I've recently reignited my love for Gucci.  It was something that I lost quite a few years back when the trend for insignia placement all over bags and accessories was rife. The need to display a fashion label to the world was not something that I ever fancied or felt the need to engage in.

Over the past few seasons though, more than just the leather and accessories have drawn my eye.  I was mesmerized by Gucci's Spring 2012 RTW looks.  With approximately half of the collection having ample displays of intricate beading and flowing dresses reminiscent of the 1920's flappers, I found myself is absolute awe. Of course there were other equally special and yet more wearable pieces, but the it was the pieces pictured below that I couldn't take my eyes off.

Some of the heels have made it to my most wanted list. The heels in the second photo below are my absolute must have with the snakeskin and metal combination sculpted heel, chain embellishment and the rich contrast of the black suede.

So below is a snap shot of the details and a few of the stunning creations that gained my attention and newly founded respect.  I'm sure you will agree they are nothing short of exquisite.

Photo credits www.elle.com

These colours are booming: Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers s/s 2012

For those of you that follow my blog you will have already realized that I have already done a post on the highly anticipated Bekkets for 2012.   But I've just located another photo of some more colour ways which further ignited my excitement so I figured I should share.  That way we can all experience the indecisiveness and dilemma of which colour is our favourite and top of our wish list.

From the winter 2011 Isabel Marant collection I happily purchased the Bekket sneakers in black but I have to admit, I passed on the opportunity to own a pair of the multi-coloured versions questioning the versatility of them to work with my wardrobe and fashionable longevity.  Well they were obviously a hit looking at the yet to be released summer collection where colour is a key trend for the footwear.  These colours literally are booming!

Photo credit: http://123456789-smiling.blogspot.com/

After spotting Miranda Kerr rocking a coloured version teamed with non-other than this seasons hottest item, leather pants, I have to say I'm converted and more inspired with my styling and the potential for wearing a pair of the brighter variety. Sign me up for a coloured pair! 

I think in future I just need a little bit more vision.  Although Miranda's red, blue and white colour way are long gone, luckily we all have the chance to grab one of the newer coloured versions over the next few months.  

Heads up, Netaporter are getting two different brightly coloured versions and I'm sure all of the main and hardcore Isabel Marant boutiques and department stores will also follow suit and stock up big on these babies. The Bekkets flew off the shelves for winter and I would say these shoes have far more of a following now.  So a word of advice, contact your nearest Isabel Marant boutique of stockist and put your name on the waiting list to be notified as soon as they arrive. Some stores are probably already taking pre-orders.

Photo credit: http://www.upscalehype.com/author/allen-o/

What I'm wearing today: Isabel Marant and Belstaff

I'm particularly camera shy. I put it down to my father being over zealous with the camera when I was a child.  Although I have ample gorgeous memories in picture form which I'm utterly grateful for now, it did lead to a dislike for getting my photo taken. 

So after much encouragement from some of my readers and friends, I've finally taken the plunge and started to conquer my fear of getting in front of the lens to get some actual action shots.  We all love to see the details, street fashion and what clothes look like when worn in real life in addition to the glamorous editorials.   So here's what I wore today.  It's just baby steps but I'll get there.

©  Find Me A Muse
What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant 'Rolf' khaki sweater
 Isabel Marant 'Maddox' roller pant
Isabel Marant 'Dicker' suede boots in taupe
Belstaff 'Colonial 556' mountain brown messenger bag 
(bag "borrowed" from boyfriend for "the day") 

Isabel Marant s/s 2012 boots: A reproduced 'Dana'?

Most people who mix in the fashion circles will have heard of, or own a pair of Isabel Marant's Dana boots. The ever popular slouchy boots with tassels, chain detailing and that exclusive wooden stacked heel that adorned many famous feet.  For those of you who need your memory jogged, below are are few shots of the 2010 Dana boots.

Photo credit: heycrazy.wordpress.com

Photo credit:  http://www.dianiboutique.com

Now for those of you who missed out on this boot and are still searching, your prayers may be answered.  If the rumours (and the images) circulating are true, it looks like Isabel Marant is producing a similar boot for the s/s 2012 range.  The similar design is distinctive to the Dana in style albeit it has a new vamped up pattern covering (snakeskin print if I'm not mistaken) and replacing the chained embellishment is a velvet section.  The side tassels are also gone much to my disappointment although with this print, tassels would have been over the top. 

To me (and I'm an avid Isabel Marant lover), the original Dana boots are still the be all and end all and I'm sad to say, the newer version just aren't ticking all of my boxes. Maybe they will come in a plainer colourway/basic fabric as well?  Who knows... Although, I have to pay tribute to Isabel Marant.  What seems to be outside the box in design and presumed to be not my style, when seen in person, these items somehow win me over. These are often the more unique pieces that are eye catching but require someone who exudes a more vibrant (and confident) personality than my own to wear.  Maybe I'll go through a similar conversion when these boots hit the shelves and you'll see me strutting down the street. Stay tuned...

Photo credit: http://forum.purseblog.com/the-wardrobe/isabel-marant-clothes-and-accessories-660254-366.html
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