Style icon: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt, French Vogue editor-in-chief is the epitome of masculine/feminine chic.  I adore her wearable street style which appears on the face of it to be deceptively simple and even attainable.  Her signature look consists of skinny jeans with cuffed hemlines or leather pants, a basic tee, a tailored jacket and vertigo-inducing heels or boots from the likes of Balmain, Balenciaga and Isabel Marant.  Her look is, to use a fashion cliché, fierce.  Emmanuelle never fails to inspire the masses and in addition to being followed for her work credibility, is followed equality for her laid back fashion and panache. 

Extreme trends like the infamous Balmain shoulders look effortless and timeless on Emmanuelle and feel like they'd work forever, regardless of the trends.  She proves how the simplest of pieces can look amazing with the right attitude.  She exudes just the right amount of grown up grunge and classic Left-bank chic making her the very definition of French chic.

Here are a few images that I saved for inspiration when picking out pieces for my own wardrobe. Enjoy...





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