Street fashion: Barbara Martelo in Balmain

At times I can dress fairly safely. I put it down to having some outrageous fashion faux pas when I was in my teens.  However I still have an unrequited love for seeing people in the street wearing outlandish and fashion forward statement items. The kind that requires a lot of self-confidence and attitude to wear. 

I spotted these street snaps online the other day and was immediately drawn to them.  They are of Barbara Martelo sporting a few different versions of the famous 'safety pin leather jackets' by Balmain.  Her looks makes me re-think why I banished my wardrobe of all the colourful creations that once held pride of place.  Now these are not your everyday jackets and pieces like this generally have a limited window for when they are considered 'cool', but they are Balmain so basically the normal rules don't apply.  These jackets will literally go down in fashion history regardless and I have to admit, are some pretty special pieces of eye candy! 

Photo credit (three images above)

Photo credit (two images above)

Photo credit (two images above)

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