In my closet: Vanessa Bruno Athe leather pants

I've had a bit of of style crush on leather pants recently, much to some of my friend's dismay. Luckily they happen to be one of the fall/winter 2011 seasons hottest items so after showing them the quantity of pants retailing at present; the quality and design of the pants; and designer names behind this year's creations, I managed to regain a bit of credibility in their eyes.  In my friend's defence, their reason for cringing was associated with memories of the hard rock bands of the 80's/90's and after much discussion, flash backs and laughs I saw where the resistance to embrace leather pants had come from.

So back to my closet....  I feel in love with Isabel Marant's 'Sloan' and 'Shun' leather biker pants, but alas I fell in love a full year after they were released. With those written off, I took to the Balmain 'Moto' pants, but they far exceeded my budget.  With keeping in mind that leather pants will go in and out of fashion, although there is no current hint of them being unpopular for a while, I decided I should be realistic with my spending and also invest in a pair that won't date as much as leathers that are more 'trendy' with loads of bells and whistles so to speak.

Above left: Isabel Marant 'Sloan' leather pants - photo credit
Above right: Isabel Marant 'Shun' leather pants - photo credit

That's when I cam across the Vanessa Bruno Athe cropped leather pants on Netaporter ( These just so happen to be very similar to the Isabel Marant 'Shun' pants albeit not a super tight, spray on version and without the leg zips.  I was delighted.  They are a flattering fit, classic in design, a good length for me (which is really rare), and the leather is luscious and soft. These pants also happen to match my other wardrobe basics perfectly. 


Photo credits (above 2 images)

The cut and fit of the Vanessa Bruno Athe leather pants also happens to look pretty much identical to the one's that Emmanuelle Alt has been pictured wearing some time back (bonus!) although obviously they would not be the same. 

I style these pants with a variety of relaxed knits, tailored shirts, basic tees and a classic jacket, a nice belt and of course, a pair of my heels.  Even though they are leather, they come off a bit more pared down then the skin tight leathers that are out there which fits with my lifestyle more and gives them a bit of a softer and more wearable edge.

Below are a few snaps of my outfit styling for the day. The weather has remained rather cool in Melbourne for this time of year and today was no exception with the temperature being mostly around 12 degrees with storms and a brisk breeze.  So I thought the weather would suit this look.  The outfit consists of the comfortable, slouchy wool 'Anders' knit by Isabel Marant teamed with my Isabel Marant Gava heels. It's very simple and relaxed look. I love the contrast of textures from the wool knit contrasting against the leather pants and then the raffia on the heels.

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