Alexander Wang Jena clutch: The end of my pursuit

I've looked for the Alexander Wang 'Jena' napa sheepskin leather clutch for what feels like forever.  I have a habit of liking things when they're readily available online or in stores but not following through and actually buying them. When they are all sold out, somehow I feel committed to engaging in endless searches and compelled to keep my pursuit going because I really really really need the item. 

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Yes I acknowledge that I'm in serious need of some personal development to work on my indecisiveness and shopping habits. Any hoo... after what feels like a good 12-18 months of searching for this clutch, I've finally bought one. Hip hip hooray!  Sigh.... the relief.

The 'Jena' clutch is roomy and slouchy with a gorgeous thick, soft pebbled napa leather.  It's also quite a funky clutch with chunky brass zippers for detailing. As a person who can manage to somehow drop my belongings out of just about any bag (I'm pretty clumsy at times), I think this clutch is the perfect design for me.  Although some would consider the two zip closure on the outside enough and a little tedious, there is yet another zip once you open the flap before you can even get to the interior, making this clutch very secure.  I also love that I don't feel too precious about getting it dirty or damaged which is a relief because it will be getting some serious use.



  1. Hey girl, where were you able to find this bag? I've also been searching! The way you described it at the beginning of this post sounds just like me! Love that I'm not alone...

  2. Hi Ashley, I actually found mine on eBay. I tend to trawl eBay for items that I'm obsessed with that have sold out. Ah... you are definitely not alone! I seem to go through the same process with many items and they haunt me until I find them. Never give up :) I'm sure one will turn up soon and have your name on it.

    Check this site in addition to eBay. It's very similar and I've used them a lot lately for hard to find items.