Sporty fashion: Embracing athleticism

I've never had a knack for finding durable and fashionable items suitable for athletic activities that could just as equally be worn for a relaxed bit to eat, when doing casual jobs or jaunts to the local shops after a work out. You know the types of outfits you can actually be seen wearing in public without cowering in shame from them being ill fitting or revealing far too much.

I saw this editorial earlier in the year in Australian Harpers Bazaar and was surprised and inspired by every single look.  It was the perfect showcase of sporting separates that are easy to mix and match for a good work out, the beach, hitting the gym or just a casual outing (realistically excluding the four inch plus heels).

I actually picked up a few of the pieces including the swimsuit shown in image one and six and have found that my enthusiasm and tolerance for exercise has increased. I put it down to having something suitable to wear but also it looking and feeling nice.  There's a lot to be said about the influence the last two factors has on one's state of mind.  With the purchase of the swimsuit, I've literally taken to swimming like a fish to water.  Who knew!

Editorial credit: Harpers Bazaar Australia

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