The resurgence of the fur coat

Whether your passionate about the status or feeling of the gorgeous fur, or strictly opposed to what it symbolizes, the fur coat seems to have firmly found it's place shrouding the shoulders of the fashion elite and there seems to be no threat of it loosing its appeal.  

Although furs in decades gone by have always had their place, I've noticed the last few years they seem to have had a resurgence and you might even say a make over.  These days it's not just about traditional styling and mute colourways.  Furs have transcended from predominately being a symbol of financial class and entered the new realm where a fur is just as much about asserting a woman's personality and panache as it is about her ability to afford one.

The new bread of fashion-forward furs are injected with colour and have undergone a metamorphis, becoming less serious with creative designs that are hip and extreme.  The limited release of these furs causes buying frenzies worldwide with items normally sold out through pre-orders and wait lists a mile long by women attempting to secure a their own slice of fashion history. Undoubtedly, the modern designer furs are true collectors items and investments in their own right.

The luxe furs, paraded down only the best runways in the world are readily adorned by the fashion elite (and in broad daylight) while the rest of us mere mortals watch on in awe of their style and ability to carry off such an exclusive piece.  Even the simple task of walking ones dog doesn't seem to preclude these women from sporting a fur.  This begs me to question, is the time when the fur coat had a shelf life or required a special occasion gone?  Looking at these creations, I hope so.

Zyang Ziyi and Kate Bosworth at the Fendi show, Great Wall of China 2010

The sensational 'Bull fur coat' by Isabel Marant (as featured in Marie Claire Russia, 2010)

'Leopard fur coat' by Isabel Marant, fall/winter 2009 collection.

Left: Chloe Fall 2010 fur coat (as featured in Harpers Bazaar, 2010)
Right: Isabel Marant racoon striped fur coat, fall/winter 2010 collection.

Isabel Marant multi-coloured fur coat, fall/winter 2010 collection (as featured in Vogue)

Shaggy goat hair fur coat by Isabel Marant, fall/winter 2011 collection.

Isabel Marant multi-coloured fur vest, fall/winter 2010 collection

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