Little cupcakes: It's all about the cream on top

I have a real sweet tooth and I'm often caught snacking on anything that could potentially give me a sugar rush throughout the day.  Mini cupcakes from the 'Little Cupcakes' store are right at the top of my weakness list.  I would say I indulge in one (yes... just the one) normally every other week. My justification for them is they are just so darn cute, delicious, they come in so many flavours that I never get bored with 'sampling' them, they are only mouth sized if that (they are teeny tiny), cost only $2.40 each and are within one block from where I work.

I'm particularly partial to the amount of cream on top which is normally proportional to three quarters of the size of the actual cupcake. As an over indulger and a self confessed cake connoisseur, it's always been one of my major gripes that you never get enough icing. 

Obviously, in order to take some photo's for the blog, I had to take a trip to the store today. Boy... talk about taking one for the team!

'Little Cupcakes'
Shop 4/118 Queen Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia

Below are some actual photo's of the little cupcakes that were bought today as part of a selection for our office. Well these were the one's that I managed to hide long enough to get some photo's.

From left to right: Passionfruit; choclate with salty caramel; raspberry and white chocolate.

Cupcake flavours available @ 'Little Cupcakes'

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