Leather leggings: My new style obsession

There are a handful of blogs that I check religiously. One of them happens to be http://martalicious.blogspot.com/.  It's by a gorgeous French lady called Marta.  This blog came to my attention through a few eBay listings I saw that had photo's of her on them cavorting around various countries (I'm so jealous....) and dressed impeccably a lot of the time in Isabel Marant.   Marta has a very non-plussed way of styling and her photo's capture her very at ease with the camera and candidly in her daily life. 

I found these particular photo's of Marta wearing an Isabel Marant 'Gary' jacket, lurex top, 'Poppy' heels and 'Yuli' scarf, paired with Helmut Lang leather stretch crepe leggings and accessorised by a Balenciaga bag.  

Photo credit: All 3 images above of Marta from http://martalicious.blogspot.com/

I've been obsessed with leather leggings ever since I saw this post. The entire look just oozes style and it's such a wearable ensemble. I love how she has turned up the hem of the leggings to create the little cuffed look.  

It just so happens that leather stretch leggings are in vogue for the current winter range and are readily available at the moment with most designers getting in on the trend. Luckily so, because I've searched for a full year trying find a pair similar to Marta's. 

Below are a two of my favourite finds featuring leather and stretch fabric combination leggings for the current season.

Photo credit: Netaporter (International site) http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/171038
Todd Lyn 'Kleber' leather-crepe stretch leggings £454.17 (excluding VAT)

Photo credit: Netaporter (International site) http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/165280
Joseph leather and stretch garbardine leggings £354.17 (excluding VAT)

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