Isabel Marant: Bekket hi-top sneakers

I'm an avid fan of being comfortable, especially when it comes to 'walking' style shoes but I have never loved sneakers. I generally find them far to casual for what I tend to wear even though sneakers by nature are casual footwear.  That was until I spotted Anne Hathaway along with a flurry of other celebrities wearing the Isabel Marant 'Bekket' hi-top sneakers. I fell in love with the look of them instantly.


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I managed to purchase a pair of these hot ticket sneakers from Netaporter and I am so glad I decided to take the plunge. At approximately $580 (Australian) for a pair, they're by no means a cheap sneaker.  Although they are more costly than the common lines manufactured in the masses by the sneaker and sports chains and what most people would refer to an an indulgence (ultimately this is true), I have to say they were worth every single cent.  Apart from being functional, they are a dressier and more fashion forward option, super comfortable and being black, go with absolutely everything.  The sneakers also have a built in two inch wedge so a little gal like me, can look just that weensy bit taller in casual attire.  Putting all of those factors and my bias aside, most importantly I actually like them. For a sneaker, that's a feat in itself.

I'm absolutely addicted to these and have rarely taken them off since they arrived. Considering the amount of wear I will get out of them versus buying something that suited the purpose but would ultimately be banished to the back corner of my shoe cupboard, I think the financial outlay for these babies was justified.

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