Paris Fashion Week Runway Looks: Isabel Marant S/S 2012

I've been eagerly awaiting Isabel Marant's Paris show to see what we will all be wearing come summer 2012.  It's definitely an interesting collection remaining true to the past few collections by continuing with an American influence. There were touches of casual athleticism and a hint of hippy luxe with the featuring of tie-dye printed effects and colourful knits.  Fringing re-emerged in some designs which was strongly featured in the winter range and patchwork denim hit the runway in all the colours of the rainbow.  Temperatures, sex appeal and micro mini hemlines rose the stakes for the night time looks which were complimented by chain embellished sandals that will surely make everyone's hot list.

Of course you can't talk Isabel Marant without acknowledging her history for creating the cult jacket of the season. This collection didn't disappoint and looks set to carry on the tradition with a few pieces that could easily rally for 'the jacket' status. I'm sure there will literally be wait lists headed up by avid fans and collectors for the beaded jacket and pants.  The only disappointment with the summer 2012 collection is that there is approximately a five to six month wait before we are able to get our hands on it.

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She's got the Metier look: Styling Isabel Marant

Living in Australia I find it very difficult to get a hold of Isabel Marant.  Either stock is limited or missing the key pieces of the collection, it predominantly sells out on pre-orders, or it's sold at exorbitant prices.  For these reasons I'm always trawling the internet for pieces from her collections.

One of my all time favourite stockists of Isabel Marant would have to be Metier boutique in San Francisco.  Metier just so happens to publish a fabulous blog ( which makes shopping internationally a breeze.  I decided it was worth spreading the word about Metier since I know there are some serious Isabel Marant devotees out there. 

Metier is pretty much a one stop shop when it comes to Isabel Marant.  They also list comprehensive photo's of new stock on the blog so it's easy to stay updated with whats new or available.  It's also worth mentioning that they will ship internationally upon request, the staff are exceptionally helpful with ordering and also have great styling tips when it comes to mixing and matching items.  

I'm seriously pining over the 'Gilbert' cream blazer with the satin collar (actually that whole cream look), the 'Kobby' boyfriend herringbone wool coat and the 'Asa' open weave cream knit.

All stock featured is available at Metier store, 355 Sutter Street, San Francisco.
Contact or telephone 415-989-5395



Leather leggings: My new style obsession

There are a handful of blogs that I check religiously. One of them happens to be  It's by a gorgeous French lady called Marta.  This blog came to my attention through a few eBay listings I saw that had photo's of her on them cavorting around various countries (I'm so jealous....) and dressed impeccably a lot of the time in Isabel Marant.   Marta has a very non-plussed way of styling and her photo's capture her very at ease with the camera and candidly in her daily life. 

I found these particular photo's of Marta wearing an Isabel Marant 'Gary' jacket, lurex top, 'Poppy' heels and 'Yuli' scarf, paired with Helmut Lang leather stretch crepe leggings and accessorised by a Balenciaga bag.  

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I've been obsessed with leather leggings ever since I saw this post. The entire look just oozes style and it's such a wearable ensemble. I love how she has turned up the hem of the leggings to create the little cuffed look.  

It just so happens that leather stretch leggings are in vogue for the current winter range and are readily available at the moment with most designers getting in on the trend. Luckily so, because I've searched for a full year trying find a pair similar to Marta's. 

Below are a two of my favourite finds featuring leather and stretch fabric combination leggings for the current season.

Photo credit: Netaporter (International site)
Todd Lyn 'Kleber' leather-crepe stretch leggings £454.17 (excluding VAT)

Photo credit: Netaporter (International site)
Joseph leather and stretch garbardine leggings £354.17 (excluding VAT)

Little cupcakes: It's all about the cream on top

I have a real sweet tooth and I'm often caught snacking on anything that could potentially give me a sugar rush throughout the day.  Mini cupcakes from the 'Little Cupcakes' store are right at the top of my weakness list.  I would say I indulge in one (yes... just the one) normally every other week. My justification for them is they are just so darn cute, delicious, they come in so many flavours that I never get bored with 'sampling' them, they are only mouth sized if that (they are teeny tiny), cost only $2.40 each and are within one block from where I work.

I'm particularly partial to the amount of cream on top which is normally proportional to three quarters of the size of the actual cupcake. As an over indulger and a self confessed cake connoisseur, it's always been one of my major gripes that you never get enough icing. 

Obviously, in order to take some photo's for the blog, I had to take a trip to the store today. Boy... talk about taking one for the team!

'Little Cupcakes'
Shop 4/118 Queen Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia

Below are some actual photo's of the little cupcakes that were bought today as part of a selection for our office. Well these were the one's that I managed to hide long enough to get some photo's.

From left to right: Passionfruit; choclate with salty caramel; raspberry and white chocolate.

Cupcake flavours available @ 'Little Cupcakes'

Isabel Marant: Bekket hi-top sneakers

I'm an avid fan of being comfortable, especially when it comes to 'walking' style shoes but I have never loved sneakers. I generally find them far to casual for what I tend to wear even though sneakers by nature are casual footwear.  That was until I spotted Anne Hathaway along with a flurry of other celebrities wearing the Isabel Marant 'Bekket' hi-top sneakers. I fell in love with the look of them instantly.


Photo credit:

I managed to purchase a pair of these hot ticket sneakers from Netaporter and I am so glad I decided to take the plunge. At approximately $580 (Australian) for a pair, they're by no means a cheap sneaker.  Although they are more costly than the common lines manufactured in the masses by the sneaker and sports chains and what most people would refer to an an indulgence (ultimately this is true), I have to say they were worth every single cent.  Apart from being functional, they are a dressier and more fashion forward option, super comfortable and being black, go with absolutely everything.  The sneakers also have a built in two inch wedge so a little gal like me, can look just that weensy bit taller in casual attire.  Putting all of those factors and my bias aside, most importantly I actually like them. For a sneaker, that's a feat in itself.

I'm absolutely addicted to these and have rarely taken them off since they arrived. Considering the amount of wear I will get out of them versus buying something that suited the purpose but would ultimately be banished to the back corner of my shoe cupboard, I think the financial outlay for these babies was justified.

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