Native American lux: Isabel Marant Renell jeans

Jeans for me have become pieces of art and a form of expression ever since I discovered Isabel Marant's creations.  My latest acquisition are these. The 'Renell' skinny jeans which have a native American influence and the most devine embroidery.  I was fortunate enough to find these at Aime in Notting Hill, London a couple of weeks back.  It was unexpected since I had scoured the globe, internet and hounded numerous stores in search for my size only to find they were 'sold out'.  Aime however seemed to have ample stock of much of the Isabel Marant winter range which was an utter surprise especially considering the demand for Isabel Marant, how quaint the boutique was and the attentiveness of the staff.  I say this rather rarely, but what an enjoyable shopping experience.

What I'm wearing:
Isabel Marant 'Renell' skinny jeans
Christian Louboutin 'Pigalle' patent heels
Country Road basic tee

Simple braids for lazy days

With the crazy build up to Christmas it's always go go go.  There is always so much to do, get or organise and of course, co-ordinating all the catch-ups with friends and family.  It is a lovely, yet tiring time. So after the 'big day' has been and past I like to relax a little. For me this simply means taking the opportunity to kick back, be more casual, stay in and have some private time.

One of the biggest time factors for me when getting ready for a day is doing my hair.  It's so long and thick and seems to take forever to do.  So this is always my solution for a lazy day and fortunately for me, it's actually a popular and somewhat fashionable hairstyle these days.  The messy, tousled and loosely styled braid. 

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Summer lovin'

I seem to have by-passed summer, or at least the majority of it, for approximately two years now. Between taking snowboarding holidays and visiting family internationally, coupled with the lacking amount of warmer months in Melbourne last year, summer has somehow just passed me by.  I've been missing the outdoor activities that seem to go hand in hand with the warmer months and have been romanticising about some fond memories when I found this editorial in the November 2011 Brazil Elle.  The models being clad in tropical, sexy and bright hued swimwear reminds me of summers in Australia and our golden beaches.  Sigh... summer I'll see you soon! 

Photo credit:  Elle Brazil (November 2011 edition)

My desperate plea for Isabel Marant Bardu/Dana boots (36)

Hi lovely ladies.  I have been desperately searching for these Isabel Marant boots (I believe the style name is Bardu or Dana) from a few seasons back for sometime now and they continue to elude me (annoyingly). So I thought I would do a post since quite a few of my readers tend to be as equally obsessed and me about Isabel Marant items. 

I'm hoping that one of you will either have a pair of these gorgeous boots in your wardrobe, or potentially know of someone who is willing to part with them in a size 36.  If you do, could you please drop me a message to I will be over the moon to hear from you!

I'm preferably after the black suede or the dark camouflage colour in the canvas but if you have any other version, please let me know as I'm still deliberating on which colour to get if I happen to be fortunate enough to get a choice.  

Such desperate times resorting to a blog post pleading for them but I'm not really sure how else to find a pair having already exhausted all of my normal cyber shopping contacts and avenues of enquires. 

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Stealing Emmanuelle Alt's style: My new Balmain!

I'm sure if you have followed my blog for a little while you will have realized that I have an obsession with Balmain.  I used to be firmly placed in the category of just dreaming of Balmain ownership.  That all changed for me over the past few months due to the Balmain sales on the  So as my run of luck would have it, I happened to stumble onto the site yesterday for a random look and what would be there yet again? More Balmain!  I swear it pays to be patient and wait for the sales. Who am I kidding? I never waited.  Pa-lease! I could just never afford it at full price!

Anyway, it is feeling like Christmas has come early for me this year because I managed to scoop up this gorgeous navy double breasted wool blazer.  Yippee!  Sorry, did I mention yippee?  I'm still a little overwhelmed by my luck of recent and considering the numerous (too many) occasions I had eyed this baby off on the superbly stylish Emmanuelle Alt who is one of my favourite style icons.  And now it's mine.  The same blazer as Emmanuelle's and all for £400? Unbelievable! A stark contrast to the retail price and justifiable to my budget.

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I must say though, in my sheer, desperate and utterly frantic attempt to purchase this blazer before anyone else, I forgot to change my shipping address to my current (holiday/family) address in the UK.  So unfortunately the blazer won't see the light of day in the UK this time round.  Sigh... On the up side, the blazer is getting sent to my home address so at least there will be a lovely parcel awaiting my return to Melbourne in the new year. Not something to gripe about at all. 

My winter outerwear essentials

I'm currently in the UK which requires substantial travel from Australia and a fair degree of adjustment due to being in the northern hemisphere as opposed to the southern, and experiencing the polar opposite season. The projected cold local UK weather (well it is winter) and baggage limit allowances were rather restricting when it came to packing.  Most of my warm items are of heavy weight meaning I had to pack wisely and only a handful of the key and versatile items. 

These two are some of my essential items which are capable of keeping out the winter chills and breezes so these were my must pack items for my half way around the world trek.  My wardrobe is fairly balanced and at this point not excessive. I literally have one long coat and one leather jacket so in a way, maybe my packing was down to a selective and minimalistic wardrobe rather than travel expertise or intelligence.

Here's a closer look at the two items I'm relying on for the UK winter.  The coat is by Joseph (New Soho coat) and the aged leather jacket is by Belstaff (Shelley Blouson).  

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Mulberry: Green with envy

I stopped by a few of the Mulberry stores in London today and was so taken by the new Spring Summer 2012 collection of handbags, clothing and accessories in a variety of bright colours, but particularly in green.  Here are a few of Mulberry's green treasures that have just hit the stores in anticipation of summer. 

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In addition to the use of bright hues, Mulberry's collection really showcases a diverse range of leathers and textures, giving the classics and instant update.  There is a new kid on the block in the hand bag range (one of a handful actually), style name the 'postman lock satchel', which is one of my new favourites, especially in the printed 'silky snake' leather in the muted shade of green (official colour - summer khaki).  

Mulberry seems to have tailored some of its bag collection not only for the ladies seeking eye-popping colours but also to incorporate the new summer alternative trend of pastel colours and for those wanting something a little more subdued in colour without compromising quality and design. This collection is devine! 

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Mulberry Postman Lock Satchel (summer khaki)

My new purchase: Isabel Marant Willow sneakers

Shopping in London yesterday can officially be considered a success! Talk about timing.  Selfridges had just put out, that very morning, the new Isabel Marant Cruise collection shoes. I managed to pick up a pair of the new Willow hi-top sneakers in anthracite/bordeaux (the official style colour name).  Needless to say I'm overjoyed beyond words to have found these.  Originally I was hesitant about the multi-coloured versions of these sneakers but in real life, these sneakers absolutely rock!  The suede texture and quality of these sneakers is absolutely lush.  These are going to be my quintessential summer sneaker.  

In the time it took me to try the Willow's on (a matter of minutes), complete with a little to and fro in front of the mirror in admiration of the style, some four other ladies had set their sights on the sneakers and were vying for the sales assistants attention, attempting to get their size.  These will surely be hot property for any Isabel Marant fan.

In terms of the other Cruise collection shoes, Selfridges had on the floor the white Bobby sneakers, another version of the multi-coloured Willow sneakers, the Dicker boots in anthracite and also honey, and the Handy leather platform buckled sandals with the wooden wedge. All of the shoes were equally impressive. They are all so different, it is easy to justify having one of each.  One can only hope!

Just a note, I do allow my photographs to be used by third parties, however if you are going to reproduce, copy or use the photographs below, do not alter them in any way (this includes cropping the photographs or erasing my website address).  Alternation to the photographs is not permitted. 

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Where to buy: Isabel Marant LIMITED EDITION & RUNWAY S/S 2012 pieces

I've been reading various blogs and forums recently and noticed that many women were searching for the boutiques and stores that stock the runway pieces of Isabel Marant.  The more high-end pieces that are investment pieces, created in only small quantities and exclusive, hard to come by and normally sold through pre-sales or require special orders.  The limitation of these pieces availability makes sense considering the fabric compositions, pricing point and often that the garments are handmade and require an extensive period of time to construct.  

So here's an insider's tip on where you can currently do pre-orders for some of these remarkable limited edition pieces from the Spring Summer 2012 ready-to-wear Isabel Marant collection and also the more popular runway pieces.  I hope it helps some of you lovely ladies out and enables you to get a hold of these works of art that will surely be collector's pieces for the Isabel Marant devotees and fashion crowd.

All of the pieces below are available for pre-order online from  You will need to register on the site before you are able to see any of the Isabel Marant RTW or Etoile Isabel Marant pieces. Once your registration is complete and you have logged in, simply click on the tab 'Designers' and then 'Isabel Marant' (the Etoile range is listed separately) and then on 'Shop by Isabel Marant' and the collection and pre-orders will appear.  There are obviously a lot more pieces on the site than these so check it out for yourself. The Spring/Summer 2012 Etoile range is not up yet and what's up from the mainline, I'm sure this will not be all of the stock that they are getting, but what a commendable start!

Please note that I am not affiliated with the site in any way, I just thought it is a nice gesture to share some stockist information, especially for the rarer pieces.  I can speak from my first-hand shopping experience with Espejto and highly recommend them.   The team there have provided me with a fair amount of assistance and have been exceptionally helpful (and patient with me). 

A note regarding the taxes, Espejto includes the VAT in the prices (as they are in the EU).  If you are getting your order shipped outside Europe and therefore need the VAT removed from the price, you will have to email Espejto to get them to invoice you directly excluding the VAT. Espejto also accept Paypal which I have found the easiest to use. That's my little tip as a fellow shopper outside the EU.  Enjoy... oh, and try not to spend too much!

Isabel Marant WEEZ RAJASTHANI handmade jacket
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
2,700.00 EUR

Isabel Marant WOLF BOMBAY NIGHTS handmade gilet
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
2,390.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LOLA handmade lace dress
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
970.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LIA gathered dress
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
1,260.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LOL handmade lace top
Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
690.00 EUR

Limited edition - only a few pieces worldwide
780.00 EUR

Isabel Marant LUCY IRISH jacquard pull
Runway piece
750.00 EUR

Isabel Marant PEPITO printed velvet pants
Runway piece
259.00 EUR

Isabel Marant TEVI american braided tee - 286.00 EUR
Isabel Marant REO embroided printed jeans - 388 EUR
Isabel Marant RIO sandal - 495 EUR
Runway pieces

Isabel Marant INIO printed jacquard lurex dress
Runway piece
938.00 EUR